an in camera match for Bulgaria after the incidents against England

The sanctions came after incidents on 14 October during the match against England qualifying for Euro 2020, UEFA announced on Tuesday.

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English captain Harry Kane talks to the referees during an interruption of the match against Bulgaria qualifying for Euro 2020 on 14 October in Sofia. NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV / AFP

Bulgaria was sentenced to an in camera and a second suspended, following the racist incidents that occurred on 14 October in the match against England, the Euro 2020 qualifier, which sparked outrage in the UK, announced on Tuesday 29 October UEFA.

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The UEFA Disciplinary Committee has also fined the Bulgarian federation a fine of € 75,000 for racism and a € 10,000 fine for disruption by its supporters during the anthems.

Bulgaria, the last of group A, will therefore receive the Czech Republic in an empty stadium on 17 November, for the last meeting of its qualifying campaign for Euro 2020. It will be under a second game in camera during a probationary period of two years, said UEFA.

The European institution also imposed a fine of 5,000 euros on the English Federation for disruption by its supporters during the anthems.

Nazi songs and greetings

A procedure had been opened the day after the match, on 15 October, for "Racist behavior", because of "Nazi songs and greetings" addressed by a part of the Bulgarian public during the match won 6-0 in Sofia by England.

A fringe of the public present in the Vasil-Levski stadium in Sofia verbally attacked the black players of the English team. Twice, the match had to be interrupted.

The President of the Bulgarian Federation had announced his resignation while London had demanded that UEFA "Stiff punishments". On the same day, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin of Slovenia assured that the "Determined to do everything to eliminate" the racism of football, pointing out that its sanctions were "Among the most severe".

For a federation, the sanction 'Minimum' in case of racist act is a partial private session or total of the stadium. FIFA President Gianni Infantino had pleaded for a worldwide stadium ban for spectators guilty of racist acts.


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