a small Maine-et-Loire football club takes action against the dangers of alcohol

The’Avenir regrippiérois crespinois tilliérois (ARCT) deserves to be among the names of football clubs with unpronounceable names. Also called ARC Tillières, this group of sports associations from three neighboring municipalities of Maine-et-Loire (Tillières, Saint-Crespin-sur-Moine) and Loire-Atlantique (La Regrippière), is also a microclub on the sports: its three senior teams play in the third, fourth and fifth departmental divisions, the lowest levels available. This does not prevent its leaders from asking themselves good questions. For example, the unique place that alcohol occupies in amateur sport, and football in particular.

Every month since September, the ARCT has published an internally produced poster warning of the dangers of drunkenness. "Better to bring the cup home than baked it all season", claims one. "Do not confuse balloon (of soccer) and ball (stemware) ", taunts another. "Better to keep the line than not to follow it (the field line) ", can we also read. Hanging in the middle of the trophies clubhouse, the slogans are also disseminated on social networks. A hashtag has also been created: #tastropbutasperdu.

ARCT Alcohol Hazard Prevention Poster.
ARCT Alcohol Hazard Prevention Poster. ARCT

It is not trivial to see an amateur club tackle the issue of alcohol consumption by its practitioners, young and old, on its own initiative. It all started, a year ago, from the concern of parents of players in the U17 category (aged 17 and under), who are expected to grow into seniors the following season.

As in many clubs, it is not uncommon in the locker room of the municipal stadium of Tillières, to open a pack of beers after the games between adults. A subcommittee to the educational commission has been created to "Discussing" of the subject, without prohibition. Two health professionals – a nurse and a nursing assistant – joined the support group, as well as a winegrower from the neighboring AOC (Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine).

40% of club revenue

The message retained was that of prevention by posting. By pointing out the abuses linked to the consumption of alcohol, the club simply wished "Open the debate", explains Thomas Clémot, the salaried educator of ARCT.

The initiative quickly found itself reduced to a few shortcuts. "We no longer have the right to booze at clubhouse, that's it ? "growled a longtime practitioner. "If I drink on Saturday evening, won't I be able to play on Sunday?" ", asked a younger man, learning that the risk of injury on the ground is increased after an over-wet evening.


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