Study and play in the XV of France: a challenge

Several players of the France rugby team are pursuing studies in parallel, to ensure a safety net. A double life made more difficult by the acceleration of the pace of training.

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The student already apprehends. Soon, to him the joys of accounting courses. Something of "Hard", but D'"Obliged" in his curriculum: a professional certificate to become an agricultural manager. The equivalent of a training " baccalaureate standard ", he says. But before, other duties call him. Very far from the agricultural school Louis-Pasteur of Marmilhat (Puy-de-Dome), it is Arthur Iturria in Japan for the Rugby World Cup. Second match against the United States, Wednesday, October 2, in the city of Fukuoka.

Like him, several professional players of the XV of France pursue studies. At 25, the Clermontois already had a baccalaureate pro "framework". Last season, if he relaunched himself in studies, it's because" he had to " : "Otherwise, I would have tended to saturate rugby. " With daily training, you can not attend classes. Everything is catching up "On an online platform". "But sometimes, if I have questions, I go directly to high school to ask them. I live fifteen kilometers away. "

Start a sheep farm

In principle, the professional certificate is acquired in two years. Without wanting to go so fast, the third line already has a plan for later, as late as possible, after rugby: start a breeding of dairy ewes and return to his native Basque Country. "I will especially want to work for myself and not owe anything to anyone. At the limit, I prefer something to animals rather than someone. "

In France team, its partners often consider less rural routes. But always with the same idea behind the "helmet": prevent this "fear of the after", this moment when they will have to give up their sport, to use the expression of Antoine Dupont. This Toulousain is only 22 years old and, in front of him, a career that many promise him brilliant. However : "I know I will not be a pensioner at the end of my career, so I will not see myself without a degree. Even if we earn a good living, we are not in the income levels of football. " The first division players are actually living very well. In 2018-2019, they received a monthly salary of 15,800 net on average, according to union data to which The world had access. Those of the second division, 4,400 euros net. The lower the level, the more the need for reconversion is felt.


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