South Africa: follow the final of the Rugby World Cup 2019 live

Hello to everyone, hello everyone, bhota!

Today, everything stops. Today is the end of a world, finally a World in any case. Finished, the early morning awakenings to dissect together the clashes of packs, finished the veneers cathedral, completed the vaulted passes verified with the VAR.

Imagine, when this 2019 Rugby World Cup started, Thomas Cook was still a key player in global tourism. That is to say. But before closing the door of this very interesting competition, we find ourselves one last time to follow a match together.

And what game: nothing less than the final of this World Cup, between England and South Africa. It's at ten o'clock, do not be late.

And plan good words, as usual. Because today everything is over. So both end this World Fireworks, you do not find?


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