Sofiane Guitoune, 30, miraculously at the dawn of a new career

By dint of work and self-sacrifice, the three-quarter center of the France team came out reinforced by two years of injury. This Wednesday at 9:45 he will hold against the United States.

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Sofiane Guitoune (left) with Maxime Machenaud on September 28th in Kumamoto.
Sofiane Guitoune (left) with Maxime Machenaud on September 28th in Kumamoto. Franck Fife / AFP

For a long time he got up early with the same pain. A tenacious evil, to follow you all day, to put you in danger a career. "In the morning, I already knew that I was going to have a bad day. " Sofiane Guitoune now prefers to smile. A question of naturalness, but also because he left behind two long years of convalescence. Better: the three-quarter center is currently fighting the World Cup in Japan. First tenure scheduled against the United States, Wednesday, October 2, in Fukuoka, after living the victory over Argentina (23-21), ten days earlier, in the tracksuit of the reservist.

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It is already miraculous enough to write it, considering its pubalgie. Between 2016 and 2018, barely seven league titles in France with Toulouse, his new club. "Already, when I got up, it hurt my abs, when everyone needed it and used it all the time, even without realizing it. " When getting out of bed, avoidance strategy: "I had to find new techniques, swing my legs first. " In training too: "Even when I could train, it hurt, I had to adapt my rugby. Everyone told me that I was running in a duck, legs apart so as not to have too much use of adductors. I could not put myself in the axis, so I had to try to "cheat" with other muscles. "

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Hard times to understand at once, and a future even more complicated to consider: "I was approaching my thirties, recalls the interested. So you've been playing rugby since the age of 5, you've been a professional since you were 18, you think you may have shot too much, it's time to move on … "

"A stupid and disciplined job"

The pain finally left him as "Overnight"without the convalescent understanding much. "Frankly, I can not give an explanation, I continued to follow all my protocols. A stupid and disciplined work. " And the beginning of a new career, now 30 years old:

"Already, just not to have these pain in the morning, or not having to take anti-inflammatory in the evening before going to bed, these are all little things that do not eat me anymore. "


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