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It's seen

You may have spotted these videos on Twitter on the account of the organizer of the World Cup, Rugby World Cup, which stage the players of the World Cup.

You may have wondered what this new video game was and asked why only a few games were involved. Well, you may not have been as brainwashed as we are, but know that we still have the answer. These videos are the result of a partnership between World Rugby and the Japanese branch of Canon.

This is not a video game, but it's just like: thanks to a set of cameras called "Free Viewpoint Video System", we can capture the game actions from an original point of view. Processed by a computer system, the data is then assembled and provides a 3D space in which it is possible to move.

Used only in seven games, including the semifinals and the final to come, this technology gives the impression of being at the heart of the action. A breathtaking, according to Rugby World Cup.

It's surprise

Jordan Petaia of Australia tries to escape Urugayen tackle Federico Favaro during the match between the two teams on October 5th. AARON FAVILA / AP

Improbable is not Australian. While he has not played the first two World Cup games due to injury and has only two national team selections, Wallabie Jordan Petaia will for the first time hold the post second center against the English, Saturday, for this quarterfinal (9:15).

It was thought that the pair of centers composed by Samu Kerevi and James O'Connor was well established. We must believe that not since Petaia has returned to the bench his eldest ten-year-old James O'Connor, who has 50 selections.

The youngest Australian player to play at a World Cup, Jordan Petaia is used to breaking records for precocity. Author of a test in his first match against Uruguay (45-10) on October 5, he will not leave him eyes Saturday: fast in the current game and powerful in the aerial duels, this player of one meter ninety for 98 kilos is already a prodigy.

This may explain why coach Michael Cheika bet on youth rather than experience. To hear him, Petaia is "As good as gold". Just that.

It's really sad

Japanese police confirmed Thursday that it was investigating charges against players of the Uruguayan rugby team. They are suspected of aggression and degradation in a Kumamoto nightclub in the night from Sunday to Monday.

According to the police, some players allegedly broke the DJ's equipment, up to 8,000 euros, and threw an employee on the ground, leaving him with minor injuries. Degradations on walls and mirrors have also been reported.

For the time being, the Uruguay team have returned home after their elimination from the World Cup (5e from Pool D), did not comment on the incident. World Rugby organization apologized "In the name of the tournament", regretting a case "Very disappointing and clearly not in keeping with the family spirit of the tournament".

It's a shame, because we would have liked to remember Uruguay as the team that had been the author of a first exploit in this Mondial, offering the Fijdi widely favored (30-27)and not like the one that ransacked a nightclub.

The Uruguayan players celebrate their victory against Fiji (30-27) with their fans on 25 September.
The Uruguayan players celebrate their victory against Fiji (30-27) with their fans on 25 September. AP

This is the beautiful story

Told by West France, the story of two French friends, left Rennes in a Peugeot 205 from 1988 to attend the World Cup, is rather nice. Having left France on July 15, Quentin Duchaver and Arthur Saffray crossed 15 countries and traveled 28,000 kilometers to arrive in time for the first game of the Blues against Tonga.

Founders of the association "Castel'R'aid – Eurasia in 205" in 2017, sports and solidarity project, the two men decided to put their trip in the service of a charitable cause: at their departure, they opened an online prize pool for the NAE association, which helps families whose children are sick.



This is the number of times Conor Murray-Johnny Sexton hinge has been associated for Ireland, after his quarter-final Saturday against the All Blacks (12:15). This makes the doublet the most internationally matched pair behind the Gregan-Larkham Australians (79 times).

The 56e hinge association will be the right one? It is indeed the sixth quarterfinals that will be played by the XV Trefoil in eight editions, without ever winning any. The moment may have finally come for Ireland, which became world number one in early September right in front of … the All Blacks.

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