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Uruguay achieved the first feat of this World Cup by beating Fiji 30 to 27. For the rest of the hostilities, it is here.

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VS'is today

Owen Farell converted a try in the England - Tonga match on 22 September.
Owen Farell converted a try in the England – Tonga match on 22 September. PETER CZIBORRA / REUTERS

Two games are on the program (but not the most thrilling): Italy against Canada at 9:45 (Pool D) and England against the United States at 12:45 (Pool C).

Italy are currently top of their league thanks to an improved victory against Namibia (47-22) and the relatively tight match between New Zealand and South Africa (23-13), which has not won All Blacks as the four points of an un-enhanced victory. The Transalpines have a card to play, for the first time in their history, to the quarter-finals. To do this, they must at least win against Canada this morning before competing for an "eighth final" against the Springboks on October 4th.

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The XV of the rose, who easily won their first match against Tonga (35-3), should, for its part, consolidate its first place in Group C by offering a second victory against the United States.

It was yesterday

The Urugayans celebrate their feat against Fiji on 25 September in Kamaishi (30-27). This is the first big surprise in this competition.
The Urugayans celebrate their feat against Fiji on 25 September in Kamaishi (30-27). This is the first big surprise in this competition. REN ONUMA / AP

The first feat of this World Cup. Uruguay, 19e in the World Rugby standings and where rugby is mostly amateur, won against Fiji (30-27), 12e world nation. A few days earlier, these same Fijians had held off Australia for a good part of the match before bowing (39-21). The Uruguayan "Teros" earned their third World Cup success, the first since 2003.

Less powerful and less agile than their opponents, the South Americans took advantage of Fijian clumsiness in the first period and well defended in the second act. Opener Felipe Berchesi then allowed his team to hold through with two crucial penalties (60e, 75e), finishing at 86% success (6/7).

"I am really proud of my country, proud for my country. This victory comes from deep within us ", the Uruguayan third-line Gaminara dropped to tears just after the match.

This is a huge snub for the Fijians, who were hoping to reach the quarter-finals again, after 1987 and 2007. The two points of bonuses torn off (defensive and offensive) still allow them to believe in the qualification, but they will have to go through a win against Georgia and especially by a feat against Wales.

"Everything went wrong today, reacted the Fijian captain Dominiko Waqaniburotu. This is not the result we wanted. This is not the match we wanted. We underestimated a very good team from Uruguay. "

It is said

"People tend to forget how bad the Blues were, and having a win in a key match like this is going to take a huge emotional toll off their shoulders. They could face Wales in the quarter-finals now, and I will not bet against them. "

In his column for The Irish Examiner, Ronan O'Gara, former Irish international, current coach of La Rochelle, passed by the Racing 92, returned on the victory of France against Argentina (23-21), Saturday, September 21, estimating that it was " the most significant result of all hens " at the end of the first day. He is even ready to bet a horse on the Blues.

It's heard

World Rugby had emphasized, before the World Cup, its intention to severely punish dangerous high tacking, that is to say those above the shoulders. It seems that the desire of the international federation has been taken into account, since two Samoans, Rey Lee-Lo center and hooker Motu Matu'u, will be heard by a disciplinary committee in the coming days for such actions. They had both been penalized with a yellow card Tuesday, during the victory of their team against Russia (34-9).

The disciplinary committee also handed down its verdict on Wednesday against Australian winger Reece Hodge, who scored a dangerous tackle on Fijian Yato, who came off the pitch for a concussion protocol during the match between the two teams on 21 September. 21): the Wallaby is suspended for the next three games.

Since the beginning of the competition, the lack of severity regarding dangerous tackle has been frequently denounced. On Tuesday, World Rugby even issued a statement expressing regret over the matter, saying that "The level of arbitrage observed during the opening weekend (…) did not meet established standards".



This is the number of games played by Italy and Canada in the World Cup (2003, 2015). The Transalpines have won twice.

It's bonus

And because rugby, it's still nice (and you did not imagine that the Georgian Levan Chilachava could be afraid of something in life):

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