Eddie Jones stays two more years with England

The coach said he will go at least until the end of the contract and he can "still make the difference" with the XV of the Rose "over the next two years." The English federation wishes to see it go until the World Cup 2023.

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Eddie Jones, November 16, 2019. HANNAH MCKAY / REUTERS

Despite a World Cup run over a lost final on November 2 against South Africa, the English Rugby Federation had reaffirmed its confidence in Eddie Jones, the Australian coach of the team at the Pink. She even said, two days after this defeat, she was preparing to discuss with him to extend his contract until the next World Cup in France in 2023.

The person, whom Australia would seek to return to the country at the head of the Wallabies, which he led from 2001 to 2005, has in any case confirmed that he will still be on the bench of the English team for two at least, honoring his contract running until 2021. By the way, he did not close the door to a possible extension.

"I remain with certainty for two more years the coach of England", he writes in an autobiography, titled "My life and rugby," which will be on sale from 21 November and whose Times revealed excerpts Saturday, November 16.

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"To go to France-2023, you need continuity"

The 59-year-old Eddie Jones, who took the lead of the England team in 2015, after a humiliating elimination in the first round of a World Cup she had organized with Wales, added that he wants to make of his team "The stronghold of global rugby".

The XV of the Rose has "A huge potential (…) and I think I can still make a difference with them in the next two years", assures the coach, who does not rule out continuing beyond 2021, while acknowledging that "The clock is ticking when it comes to my years as a very high level coach".

The chief executive of the British federation, Bill Sweeney, is pleading for Eddie Jones to drive the team he helped shape to the next World Cup. "It makes sense, do not you think? To go to France-2023, you need continuity, he said. He will focus on forming a group of 50 to 55 players " in view of the next World Cup, "So he will seek to anchor himself in the long run".

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