despite his indiscipline, the XV of France wins (33-9) against the United States

As in their victory over Argentina, the Blues again conceded a lot of penalties on Wednesday for their second game of the competition.

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Alivereti Raka and Camille Lopez, October 2, 2019, in Fukuoka. Christophe Ena / AP

The woods are pretty and we would gladly make a tour, beyond the two small stands behind the posts. But the XV of France, he was all but walked. He walked with a borrowed step, as if the temperature had extinguished even before having begun. No typhoon, unlike the most pessimistic auguries. But some 30 degrees of sultry, Wednesday, October 2, in the sky of Fukuoka, under the planes. And a match without panache: victory (33-9) on the United States, the alleged opponent weakest of the first round, ten days after their success against Argentina (23-21).

This time, the Blues may have aligned their team "bis", they had consistency. But not the one you need. A question of indiscipline, once again. Ten penalties conceded against the Americans, fifteen against the Argentineans. It's a lot. Much more than those obtained during these same games: five in the first, four in the second.

"We lost the thread, we were much penalized. »Jacques Brunel, coach

The question obviously did not escape Jacques Brunel, the French coach tackling the subject from the half-time of Wednesday, at the microphone of TF1: "We lost the thread, we were much penalized. " Wednesday, under "USA, USA" heard in the stands, these fouls allowed AJ MacGinty to leave doubt in favor of the Eagles. At half-time, two penalties kept the United States close to France (12-6). At the hour of play, a new American penalty further reduced the gap (12-9) and threatened the Blues with an unprecedented performance … before the last three French tests.

On September 21, in Tokyo, against Argentina, it is also a penalty that worried the Blues late in the game. It's simple: Emiliano Boffelli would have registered, France would have lost its first match, and many of its hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the competition. " We are often labeled as cheaters and it's annoying, explained then pillar Jefferson Poirot, holder ten days ago, to justify an arbitration perceived as unfavorable. Wednesday, it came into play to register the fifth test of the Blues.

An offensive bonus

Looking quickly, there is a satisfaction all the same. Essential. This point of the offensive bonus obtained against the United States, the consequence of five tries: two in the first period of Yoann Huget and Alivereti Raka, everything else after the hour of play, by Gaël Fickou, Baptiste Serin and Jefferson Poirot.

These five points will have their importance in the final count, to maintain Argentina at a respectable distance before facing Tonga, Sunday, October 6, in four days. Then especially England, October 12, against which any penalty could be worth more expensive than those abandoned to the Americans.

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Before a second match in four days, the French team will have at least given a little time to play its usual substitutes, Louis Picamoles having for the first time, taken the place of Guilhem Guirado in the role of captain. Not sure that all the incumbents of the evening really convinced.

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