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Third place is Friday at 10 am between New Zealand and Wales before the England-South Africa final on Saturday.

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VS'is today

Finally ! the Rugby World Cup is back. The program today, the only game of the competition that the teams did not want to participate at the beginning of the tournament: the third place. This is also the last opportunity to see New Zealanders and Welsh on the field at this World Cup 2019 (10 hours, to follow live).

Beaten respectively by the British and South Africans, the two nations have the opportunity to go for a bronze medal, a meager reward when the first saw themselves achieve a triplet unprecedented, and the second imagined winning their first world title.

It is also the last outing for the two coaches who will bow after the World Cup, as well as several players. Above all, there is only twenty-four hours to wait before the grand final between England and South Africa, Saturday at 10 am (French time).

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It's known

Not the slightest change in the XV of the Rose since the semifinal victorious against New Zealand. England coach Eddie Jones has decided to renew the same 15 men who dropped the All Blacks. The only English change on the bench is the replacement of Willi Heinz, injured against New Zealand, by Ben Spencer.

On the South African side, there is only one change compared to the semifinal won against the Welsh (19-16). On the wing, Toulousain Cheslin Kolbe returns to his place and sends his replacement S'busiso Nkosi watch the game directly from the stands.

It's seen

If he ever ended his career sooner than expected, we have a small idea of ​​conversion for Manu Tuilagi. The 28-year-old English center obviously has some bowling facilities … On World Rugby's World Cup Twitter account, you can see a short video, where the Leicester Tigers player gets two strikes on both attempts. With such a CV, we already see him as a guest-star in the next spin-off of The Big Lebowski.

It is said

"I was at home, feeding the children, and then I received a call Saturday afternoon, I flew on Sunday morning and arrived Monday morning. "

Ben Spencer, October 29, 2019. ODD ANDERSEN / AFP

Holy week for Ben Spencer. The English rugby player has been named to replace Willi Heinz, who lost to the final after his injury to New Zealand in the semifinal. When he received the call, Spencer obviously did not hesitate for the moment and took the first flight to Japan to join his new teammates for a match. Against South Africa, he will start on the bench, but nothing says he will not finish on the pitch for the most important minutes of his career.

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It remains to be seen if his story will end as well as that of Stephen Donald. In 2011, the New Zealand opener, not retained for the World Cup, had long escaped the calls of his coach which he had deleted the number before finally answering the call of a teammate while he was gone to fish. A few days later, he scored a crucial penalty, which allowed the All Blacks to win the World Cup at home, a small point, against the French (8-7).

It's wrong

The Webb-Ellis Trophy, October 4, 2019.
The Webb-Ellis Trophy, October 4, 2019. Shuji Kajiyama / AP

On Saturday, we will know who the English or South Africans will raise the trophy Webb-Ellis. The trophy is named in honor of William Webb Ellis, the "inventor" of modern rugby. Except that William Webb Ellis was never the inventor of modern rugby, tells The Team, who conducted the investigation.

According to a British rugby specialist, "There is no evidence that he was the first to run ball in hand"and he never claimed it. The legend, born after the death of Webb Ellis, takes a hit. What to push for a change of name of the trophy? Not really, notes the sports daily, which explains that this idea "Is not unanimous".

It's brilliant

Because a two-month competition that brings together twenty teams and ends up winning one is not enough, World Rugby had the brilliant idea of ​​nominating five teams to nominate its Team of the Year Award , next November.

Mega surprise: the four semi-finalists of the World Cup are named (in addition to Japan, since it took a fifth).


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