a surprise victory, a pookie-gate and injuries

It's today

  • Georgia – Uruguay (Pool D, Kumagaya)
The Uruguayans in their victory against Fiji on 25 September 2019. REN ONUMA / AP

For Georgia, there is no longer the right to make mistakes. Largely beaten by Wales in their first match (43-14), the Georgians will have to achieve a flawless in the coming weeks to seek a place in the quarter-finals alongside Wales or the United States. Australia, big favorites of this group D. Opposite, Uruguay comes out of a surprise victory against Fiji (30-27) and could win for the first time in its history two matches at a World Cup.

In the only meeting between the two teams at the World Cup in 2003, the South Americans had taken over (24-12).

  • Australia – Wales (Pool D, Tokyo)
The Australians, in training, September 28.
The Australians, in training, September 28. ODD ANDERSEN / AFP

This is the shock of this group D. Winner of the last tournament of the Six Nations, Wales faces Australia, favorite of this group. Both winners of their first match, they should share the two places for the quarter-finals. It remains to know who will take first place (and face the second group C, that of France) and who will take the second place (and face the first group C).

If Wales had won the first clash between the two nations in the World Cup (22-21 in 1987, in the match for third place), it has since been out of five defeats in a row. Positive for the Welsh, Warren Gatland's men won the last showdown between the two countries in November 2018, in a short test-match victory (9-6). The Welsh then remained on 13 consecutive defeats.

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It was yesterday

  • Argentina – Tonga (28-12)
Santiago Carreras against Tonga on 28 September.
Santiago Carreras against Tonga on 28 September. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP

They needed a success to keep a little hope. After their defeat in extremis against the French, in their first game, the Argentineans have not missed the opportunity to turn their heads against Tonga. And to offer, with a bonus victory, the opportunity to see the quarter-finals in a group C where also appear England and the United States, but where they now outpaced France. The Pumas dominated their entry opponents, with four tries in the first 26 minutes of play. Then they relaxed somewhat in the second period, conceding two tries. Their next appointments: the United States, Wednesday, October 2, then England, Saturday, October 5: "A huge challenge. There is nothing bigger than this playoff match against the English ", has already warned Mario Ledesma, the Argentine coach.

The Japanese celebrate their victory on September 28th.
The Japanese celebrate their victory on September 28th. Jae C. Hong / AP

This is the second big surprise of this World Cup after the victory of Uruguay against Fiji. At home, Japan has achieved one of the greatest achievements in its history by defeating Ireland, favorite to win a first world title.

Led 12-3 midway through the first period, the Japanese reacted and started to confiscate the ball. They first pushed the Irish to the fault to pick up (12-9, 39th) before taking the lead thanks to a test of Fukuoka after a superb collective action (16-12, 59th). Powerless, Joe Schmidt's men finally concede a new penalty transformed by Tamura, eight minutes from the end (19-12). The Irish tried well to start the attack late in the game to go for a draw, but they saw the Japanese defensive waves surge on them and finally preferred to limit the break and settle for the bonus point defensive.

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This victory changes the situation in Pool A, especially for Scotland. Humiliated by the Irish at the opening of this World Cup, the Scots will not have the right to make a mistake against Japan, on October 13 to hope to take one of the two qualifying places for the quarterbacks. Because, despite the defeat, the bonus point ripped off by the Irish should ensure them a place among the eight best nations in the world. Unless a new surprise.

  • South Africa – Namibia (57-3)
The Namibians could not do anything against the South Africans.
The Namibians could not do anything against the South Africans. ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP

No surprise, on this ground. South Africa (and his team B) has quietly come out of Namibia (which had turned, too). With nine tries and an offensive bonus acquired even before the end of the first period, the Springboks rebounded well after their bitter defeat against the All Blacks last Saturday.

But as soon as they celebrated this first victory at this 2019 edition, the South Africans already had their eyes riveted on the confrontation against Italy. "This victory will serve us for the next big game against Italy, which will be decisive for access to the quarterfinals, explained Rassie Erasmus, the South African coach at the end of the meeting. And I think this match against Namibia will be a good stepping stone to the match against Italy. The Italians beat us three years ago, so we are aware of the challenge. "

Namibia side, this second defeat in two matches annihilates almost any dream (although thin at the beginning) of qualification, but Namibia will be comforted without doubt with a first victory of the country in six participations in the World Cup. And the match against Canada, on October 13, will probably be the big game of this edition for the reigning African champion.

It is said

Blah blah blah of the pookie
Shut the door, you have the pookie in the side
Blah blah blah of the pookie
Close the door, you have the pookie in the airlock

French players have not really appreciated that some media unveil a little earlier than expected the composition of the XV of France before the game against the United States. The Blues believe that it gives them a strategic advantage to their opponent. "Either you are with us, or you are against us. It's good to work together … "said Maxime Médard to the French press, according to 20 Minutes, who investigated the "pookie-gate".

But the Blues have also tried to convey a message a little more subtle, reports the daily. Like teens on MSN in the early 2000s, the Blues have expressed their feeling by passing a piece at the beginning of their training on Saturday morning. On the menu, "Pookie" by Aya Nakamura. "Pookie" for "poucave", a "balance".

"You took it as a subliminal message, laughed Sofiane Guitoune. We had a good laugh, yeah! It was voluntary, we even said '' we do not get off the bus '', it was a joke. "

It's seen

Do not say "Fijians", but "Fiji Airways Flying Fijians". As noted by our special envoy to Japan, Adrien Pécout, the Fijian national team has also suffered the pains of "naming".

If the expression seems to have managed to settle on the islandhowever, she still seems to have a little trouble with to impose elsewhere.

It's heard

Before the controversial Ireland-Japan match around Cian Healy, accused by Japanese Yusuke Kizu of not playing the scrums in the rules. Unbelievable claims by the Irish clan that had pushed Joe Schmidt and his staff to react, and promised Japan, a little revenge on the ground.

"What Kizu said surprised us greatly. It will probably give Cian more motivation for the match on Saturday. "

Oops …

This is the series

Only one game played and already two home returns anticipated in the French group. After Wesley Fofana last week (replaced in the group by Pierre-Louis Barassi), it is Demba Bamba, who must forfeit the rest of the competition after a right thigh injury.

We do not yet know the name of the replacement of the young 22-year-old French frontline, but he should "Be communicated by the coaching team of France by Sunday night", assured the federation in a tweet.



The clubs of the championship of France of rugby are the biggest "suppliers" of players on this Mondial. In the French team, the 31 selected all evolve in the Top 14. And there are 68 other players usually present on the grounds of the Top 14 in various national teams present in Japan: 13 of the 20 teams in the running align and between 1 and 17 players from a club in France.

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