LeBron James’ Lakers advance to Western Conference semifinals against Memphis Grizzlies

LeBron James (Lakers) against Jaren Jackson (Grizzlies) in the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, April 28, 2023.

LeBron James’ Lakers qualified for the Western Conference semi-finals by largely beating the Grizzlies (125-85) on Friday in the NBA playoffs. The atmosphere of the great evenings reigned in the Crypto.com Arena, in the presence of an audience of stars, including actor Jack Nicholson, whom “LBJ” did not fail to greet before the match.

Lebron James then guided his people to an authoritative victory. Very skilful (22 points), he kept his word, he who had not spared himself after the previous match, believing he had been ” no “ and promising to pull himself together.

Anthony Davis was ultra-dominant on the inside (16 points), determined not to let anything go, like his 5 blocks, while D’Angelo Russell overwhelmed the Memphis Grizzlies in the third quarter, including scoring 14 of his 31 points.

The Kings beat the Warriors

To say there was never any suspense is an understatement, as Los Angeles finished 40 points ahead, taking advantage of the Grizzlies’ discomfiture, boasters at the start of the series and very dumb this time, Ja Morant being limited at 10 points.

“We played with the energy of desperation. But we still have a lot of work to do.”, Davis commented. His Lakers, who had not passed a first round since 2020, the year of their last coronation in the Orlando anti-Covid bubble, will benefit from two additional days of rest compared to their next opponents whom they do not know. again, since Sacramento, which was playing its survival, tied at 3-3 against Golden State.

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