France will face the United States in the quarterfinals

It was necessary for one of the two teams to lose, and at this little game, after a match of immense intensity, it was the Blues who lost. Nearly beaten by the Australians, the teammates of Evan Fournier, in record mode (31 points) leave the first place to their executioner of the day, defeated by the insolent address of pivot Aron Baynes at three points (100-98).

The Blues, qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup, see stand before them a perilous course. Logically, the United States will face them in quarters (if they beat Brazil, which they are doing), before, if they pass this summit to more than 8000 meters, to find Serbia in half.

In short, beautiful basketball perspective!

Thank you all for following us, we breathe a bit (do the same), and we find ourselves on Wednesday (time to be determined) for a meeting breathless.


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