Why is my fridge full of water at bottom?

Clogged Defrost Tube

If your fridge has water pooling at the bottom, the defrost tube is your MOST likely suspect. Your defrost tube is what carries the water all the way down to the drain pan where it eventually evaporates. When working correctly, it helps make sure your fridge has a smooth defrost cycle..

Why does the water not drain away in my fridge?

Check for ice build-up. Sometimes, ice can build up on the back wall of your fridge. This can be caused by the fridge being overfilled, preventing air from moving around and keeping the fridge frost-free. If ice builds up, this can stop water from draining out of the fridge.

Where is fridge drain hole?

Usually, the hole can be found at the base of the back wall, with ridges leading down towards it to guide beads of moisture.

Where does refrigerator drain water go?

The liquid that forms drips down a drain pipe into a pan underneath the appliance where it eventually evaporates. A plugged drain pipe throws a kink in this process, causing water to back up and pool on the inside bottom of the fridge.

Should there be water in the tray under the fridge?

In normal operation, although you know the water tray is located underneath the refrigerator and you can hear the normal refrigerator noises as it shifts through its cycles, you never need to empty the tray. This is because, ordinarily the collected water evaporates into the air.

How do you empty a refrigerator drip tray?

How do you unclog a freezer drain tube?

What happens if fridge drain hole blocked?

This drain hole is in place to catch the moisture which collects in a fridge, particularly that which builds up on the back wall of the fridge. If the drain hole becomes blocked, this then causes problems for the rest of your refrigerator.

How do I clean a refrigerator drain tube?

How much water should be in refrigerator drip pan?

A drip pan in a refrigerator is meant to catch any water that needs to be drained away from the inside of the refrigerator. Ideally, small amounts of water will enter the drip pan and safely evaporate away instead of becoming standing water.

How do you unclog a freezer drain line?

How does a refrigerator drip pan work?

Condensation forms inside the unit and is drained away from the freezer and refrigerator compartments down to a drain pan situated on the bottom of the appliance. This water evaporates, aided by the waste heat from the condenser, evaporator and fan motor.


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