Do Orca cards expire?

Reduced fare ORCA cards are free, but replacement cards cost $3. Once you have your ORCA card, all customers can load a pass or E-purse value online, by mail, at an ORCA Customer Service Office or at a ticket vending machine. Cards last 3-5 years..

Why is ORCA card blocked?

9.0 Blocking and Replacing Defective Cards

9.1 If an ORCA Card malfunctions, it will be blocked when it is surrendered at an ORCA Customer Service Office or received at the ORCA Regional Mail Center (201 S Jackson St, MS KSC-TR-0108, Seattle WA 98104-3856).

How do I update my ORCA card?

To update your payment card for an existing Autoload, login to your My ORCA account, visit a customer service office, or mail a completed Autoload Authorization Form to the ORCA Mail Center. Provide your new payment details by selecting to “Update” your current Autoload.

How do I know if my ORCA card is active?

Go to and choose Version 3. Enter card information and view transaction history. Or call 1-855-518-3789. If you check your ORCA card balance and your value is “pending”; you successfully transferred funds and the funds will load when you next tap your ORCA card on a bus.

How do I use my ORCA card on link?

Tap your ORCA card to board

  1. Tap your card as you are boarding. As you board the bus, tap your ORCA card on the card reader inside.
  2. Tap your card before boarding.
  3. Scan your card.

Do Seattle buses take credit cards?

You can also buy one-way, return or all day rail tickets. Ticket machines accept cash and credit/debit cards such as Visa or MasterCard. Or buy a ticket on your phone with the Transit GO ticket app.

Are Orca cards worth?

Yes, it costs you an extra $5, but it will save you a ton of headaches dealing with a thicket of fare policies, overlapping agencies, and transfer rules. An ORCA card is kind of like a cash card, but there are also various kinds of passes you can put on it.

Are Seattle buses still free?

Sound Transit requires fares on all buses and trains, with the exception of Tacoma Link light rail. Use your ORCA card or the Transit GO Ticket app for touch-free payment.

Can I pay cash on Seattle buses? You can pay to ride Metro buses with cash, a Metro transfer, a Metro ticket, or an ORCA card. You will need to tap your ORCA card, deposit exact fare or ticket in the farebox at the front of the bus or show the driver your transfer. Drivers do not carry money.

What is an unregistered ORCA card?

An unregistered card is not associated with the cardholder so the cardholder does not have balance protection, cannot authorize an Autoload, and cannot check their transaction history or card value online.

What happens if I lose my ORCA card?

To replace your ORCA LIFT card online, login to your My ORCA account, select the card serial number then click “Report Lost/Stolen”. Follow the prompts and pay the $3 replacement fee. A replacement ORCA LIFT card will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days.

How much does it cost to take the bus in Seattle?


Type Single Ride Day Pass #
Adult (19 – 64) $2.25 $4.50
Youth (6 – 18) $1.50 $3.00
Seniors (65+)/RRFP * $1.00 $2.00
Children 5 and under Free Free

Can I use my ORCA card in Tacoma?

For a complete list of locations to purchase or revalue ORCA cards in the Puget Sound region, visit or call ORCA Customer Service at 1.888.


Bonney Lake 21301 Hwy 410 253.862.1212
Tacoma 2411 N Proctor St 253.752.5570
1112 S M St 253.627.8840
1302 S 38th St 253.471.1630
1624 72nd St E 253.537.2124

Does U-pass work on ferries?

The U-PASS does not cover travel on Washington State Ferries.

What is U-pass Tacoma? With an activated U-PASS, travel on buses, Sounder trains, and the Link Light Rail with the tap of your Husky ID Card! Using ORCA program reader technology you gain access to reliable and accessible transportation across the region. Learn more at U-PASS Benefits.

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What does ORCA lift stand for?

June 5, 2020. ORCA stands for One Regional Card for All. It’s a stored-value card that can be used on nine different transit agencies in the Puget Sound area, including King County Metro, Sound Transit, Community Transit, Pierce County, and Kitsap Transit.

How much does an ORCA cost?

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How much does ORCA cost?

ORCA card fees

Adult cards cost $3. Youth cards have no fee for the initial card, and replacements are just $3. You can get one online, at an ORCA customer service office, or through the mail. Proof of age is required such as school ID, birth certificate, or passport.

What is Orca lift?

Reduced Fare Through the ORCA LIFT Program

An ORCA card allows riders to pay a reduced bus fare because their household income is less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level, established by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services. ORCA LIFT cards are accepted on Community Transit and Everett Transit.

What happens if I don’t tap my ORCA card?

When you get off the train and tap off at your destination station, ORCA calculates the correct fare to charge against your card. If you don’t tap off, your card will be charged the maximum fare.

Can I use ORCA card on light rail Seattle?

With the ORCA LIFT card, income qualified adult riders can get big savings on fares for ST Express buses, Sounder and Link light rail trains. Learn more about ORCA LIFT.

What is ORCA lift?

Reduced Fare Through the ORCA LIFT Program

An ORCA card allows riders to pay a reduced bus fare because their household income is less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level, established by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services. ORCA LIFT cards are accepted on Community Transit and Everett Transit.

How do I use my ORCA card on link? Link and Sounder train fares are based on how far you travel. When you tap your ORCA card at a yellow card reader at the station before boarding the train, ORCA knows where your trip began and shows you are eligible to ride.

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