Can you say glad to help?

You’re welcome. [Glad to help./ Glad to be of help./ Glad I could help.] You obviously talk about a particular help of yours in the [recent] past when you say, “Glad I could help.” How about “Glad to help.” or “Glad to be of help.”?.

What does it mean to help or to assist?

transitive verb. : to give usually supplementary support or aid to She assisted the boy with his lessons. intransitive verb. 1 : to give support or aid assisted at the stove Another surgeon assisted on the operation. 2 : to be present as a spectator …

How can I help you in formal?

  1. “Nice to meet you. How can I help you?”
  2. “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Let us help you on that.”
  3. “Let me make things better for you.”
  4. “We will surely help you on that.”
  5. “You mean a lot to us. Let me help you with that.”

How do you use assist in a sentence?

Assist sentence example

  1. The money would assist in taking care of her schooling.
  2. She had the sudden urge to assist him.
  3. This time, my sweet little friend will assist me!
  4. He turned to assist Felipa into the buggy and then stepped away, watching as the men boarded.
  5. Grass roots efforts to assist people in need.

How may I assist you meaning?

How may I assist you?: How can I help, aid you? idiom. to assist someone: to help, aid someone.

What is an example of assist?

An example of an assist is a block by a basketball player that enables his teammate to score. The definition of an assist is something a person may do to be helpful. An example of an assist is when someone helps another person clean her house.

How do you assist someone?

Which is correct assist or assists?

Assists definition

Plural form of assist. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of assist.

What’s a word for a person who helps others? altruistic Add to list Share. Someone who is altruistic always puts others first.

How do you say I’m here to help?

I’m Here for You’ Messages to a Friend

  1. I’m here to listen.
  2. I’m here to help.
  3. It’s okay to cry in front of me.
  4. Tell me how you feel.
  5. Even if you don’t want to talk now, call me any time, day or night.
  6. You helped me when __________ .
  7. I know you’re an independent person, but I really want to help you with this.

What’s another word for helping someone?

Synonyms for helping include aiding, assisting, and supporting.

How do you express someone’s support?

So to best support a friend or family member, you could say I’ll support you no matter what, or I’ll support you either way. I’ll support you, no matter what you decide. Phrase number eight isn’t my favorite one on the list, but it’s close. I’ve got your back.

How do you say I support you in different ways?

These phrases are ways to tell someone to keep trying:

  1. I’ll support you either way.
  2. I’m behind you 100%.
  3. It’s totally up to you.
  4. It’s your call.

What do you call someone who helps you?

Samaritan. noun. someone who is willing to help you when you are in trouble.

How do you describe a helpful person? The definition of helpful is someone or something that is useful, that provides assistance or aid, or that is prone to providing aid. When someone gives you good and useful advice, this is an example of helpful advice. When a person is always asking what he can do to assist you, this is an example of a helpful person.

How do you say keeping support? keep supporting is the better way to say it. Instead of keep support you could say keep up the support.

How do you say great help? Synonyms

  1. helpful. adjective. a helpful person helps you by doing something or by giving you useful advice or information.
  2. friendly. adjective.
  3. kind. adjective.
  4. caring. adjective.
  5. good-hearted. adjective.
  6. generous. adjective.
  7. forthcoming. adjective.
  8. good. adjective.

How do you say I will help you?

While it indeed is perfectly OK to say “It will be my pleasure to help you,” you might also want to consider: I will be more than happy/pleased to help you.

What is another way to say I like helping others?

altruistic Add to list Share. Someone who is altruistic always puts others first.

How do I say my pleasure helps?

You’re welcome, it has been my pleasure helping you out! You’re welcome, it has been my pleasure to help you out!

How can I assist you meaning?

How may I assist you?: How can I help, aid you? idiom. to assist someone: to help, aid someone.

How do you say help in professional?


  1. abet,
  2. aid,
  3. assist,
  4. back,
  5. backstop,
  6. prop (up),
  7. support.

What is another word for assistance?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for assistance, like: help, support, compensation, aid, succor, abetment, hand, , assist, the-help and financial aid.

What does it mean to assist someone?

If you assist someone, you help them to do a job or task by doing part of the work for them. The family decided to assist me with my chores. Synonyms: help, back, support, further More Synonyms of assist. transitive verb/intransitive verb. If you assist someone, you give them information, advice, or money.

When to Use assist with? assist someone with someone or something – to help someone manage someone or something, especially with lifting or physical management . Examples.

  1. Assist me with Jane, won’t you?
  2. Will you assist me with this heavy box?
  3. Sally assisted herself with the math problem. She did it on her own.

How would you describe a supportive person?

The definition of supportive is someone or something who provides emotional help and encouragement. A parent who is always encouraging his child is an example of a supportive parent. Services designed to help you to stand on your own two feet again when you are facing poverty are an example of supportive services.


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