Why does Danny Gonzalez call his fans Greg?

This is Danny’s explanation of Greg, which is in the description of some of his videos: “WHY DO I CALL MY FANS GREG? Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we’re the fastest-growing channel on YouTube, and we make fire content.

What is Danny Gonzalez wife Instagram? Laura Gonzalez (@lauragonzalezofficiel) • Instagram photos and videos.

How did Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden meet? Both 20-somethings, Gooden and Gonzalez first met via Camp UnPlug, a “long-form” series on Vine that featured 36 clips ranging from six seconds to around two minutes. … A one-time Viner and stand-up comedian, they connected (online and later in real life) simply because they were making content in the same vein.

then What Youtuber calls his fans Greg? Gonzalez has more than 5 million YouTube subscribers. He lovingly calls the group “Greg.”

Does Danny Gonzalez have a dog?

Danny Gonzalez on Twitter: “I adopted a dog today 🙂 her name is Peanut https://t.co/NEmANpT4sb” / Twitter.

Does Drew Gooden live in Florida? Personal Life

Drew was born in Orlando, Florida on October 26, 1993. … Drew met his wife, Amanda Murphy, on Vine after she commented on one of his Vine videos. Drew and Murphy got married on March 13, 2019.

Are Danny and Drew still friends? Drew is good friends with fellow YouTuber and former Viner Danny Gonzalez. … Because of the similar nature of their content, it has been a running gag that Drew and Danny are the same person. In 2019 they went on tour (along with Kurtis Conner) to “disprove” this.

How old is Nickisnotgreen? Nickisnotgreen (born: April 16, 1999 [age 22]), known as DENTON in the music scene, is an American YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and musician.

Why is Drew Gooden famous?

Drew Gooden (born October 26, 1993) is an American comedian and filmmaker known formerly for sketch comedy on Vine and presently for commentary videos on YouTube. He provides commentary on topics such as bad life hacks, Instagram comedy, and other YouTubers.

Is Drew Gooden married? Gooden is married to Amanda Murphy, who he met in 2015 when Murphy commented on one of Gooden’s Vines. They got engaged in 2016, and were later married on March 10, 2019.

What kind of dog is peanut Danny Gonzalez?

My peanut is part chihuahua” / Twitter.

Why some dogs are coward? There are many reasons why dogs become fearful. It could be neglect, abuse, lack of proper socialization with humans and/or other animals, pushed too much at an early age, physical trauma, pain, emotional trauma, any trauma at a critical period of puppyhood, etc. Sometimes we know the reasons, but oftentimes we don’t.

Are Drew and Amanda still together?

Personal life

Gooden is married to Amanda Murphy, who he met in 2015 when Murphy commented on one of Gooden’s Vines. They got engaged in 2016, and were later married on March 10, 2019.

Where is Drew Gooden now?

Andrew Melvin Gooden III (born September 24, 1981) is a Finnish-American former professional basketball player who is a sports broadcaster for NBC Sports Washington.

Is Nick is not green black? He is half white and half Filipino.

How many subscribers does Danny Gonzalez have? Danny Gonzalez YouTube Subscribers Growth

Date Subscribers
2022-01-03 Mon 5,060,000
2022-01-02 Sun 5,050,000
2021-12-30 Thu 5,050,000
2021-12-29 Wed 5,050,000

Does a dog remember being abused?

The effects of physical abuse have become more apparent and are studied more than the effects of neglect and psychological abuse. Your dog cannot tell you what he remembers. His memories are different than human memories. Dogs do not have episodic memories.

Why does my dog stare at me? Just as humans stare into the eyes of someone they adore, dogs will stare at their owners to express affection. In fact, mutual staring between humans and dogs releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone. … The same hormone that is released when a new mother looks at her baby is also triggered when you look at your dog.

Why are dogs afraid to go outside?

Dogs can be frightened of going outside for several reasons.

A few of the most common reasons dogs are afraid of the great outdoors include puppy panic, overstimulation, unfamiliarity with leashes and collars, and prior negative experiences.

How does Drew Gooden make money? He does reaction videos, skits, commentary videos, and has even collaborated with his wife on a few more recent uploads. His comedic talents have rocketed him to popularity on the platform, where he has earned 3.13 million subscribers.

Does Danny Gonzalez live in Florida?

I live in Florida.

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Is Nick is not green Canadian?

Nick Green is a Canadian actor and playwright.

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