Why do girls like BTS?

Most of K-Pop fans are obsessed because they felt a strong connection towards their idol and also felt relatable. Out of all K-Pop groups, BTS has a huge fanbase. BTS is also famous because they care about their fan’s emotions by meeting and talking with them.

Also, What are Taehyung’s hobbies? Taehyung likes to take photos and paint, but he is also a fan of going to art galleries and apreciating the work done by others, so we can consider that his hobbies are generally quiet activities that help him to relax.

Why is everyone crazy about BTS? BTS makes us believe in ourselves not only through their musical content but through everything else as well. Through their Bangtan Bombs and Run episodes, we get to see them as humans and not idols. That common ground is what convinces us that maybe one day, we are capable of accomplishing great things just like them.

Beside above Why is my daughter obsessed with BTS? They have good messages in their songs and are very nice people <3. Yes, it is completely normal for teenage girls to be obsessed with boy bands like BTS and One Direction. It is not something to be worried about, she will probably stop obsessing over them in a year or 2.

What made BTS so famous?

BTS’s music is also a success because of the subject of their music. While many K-pop songs are about relationships and love, BTS covers subjects that other bands may not like bullying, elitism, and mental health. Their ability to be relatable, humble while still being entertaining is rare.

What is V favorite food? Taehyung’s(V) favorite noodle is Japchae as he is a hardcore noodles lover and any type of meat with it. Taehyung also loves sweet Potato starch noodles stir-fried with vegetables and meat and he also loves it with rice(bap) and our Leader (Rap Monsta) once claimed that he loves Korean knife noodles.

What is Taehyung’s Favourite Colour? The color purple holds a special meaning for BTS fans

“Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors, so it means I will trust and love you for a long time,” said Kim Taehyung, also known as V, in Korean during one live performance.

Who is the crush of Kim Taehyung? When BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung REVEALED his celebrity crush was Emily in Paris star Lily Collins. One of BTS member V’s all-time favourite movies is the Lily Collins starrer Love, Rosie.

Why are ARMYs obsessed with BTS?

The very first reason: the BTS band is highly artistic. It consists of competent vocalists like RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jin, Suga, and Jimin. These artists are highly capable and skilled in their area of excellence be it dancing, singing, or performing. This is what has made the BTS fandom obsessed with them.

How do I stop BTS Fangirling? Stop thinking about them too much because they don’t even know you exist. Listen to their music and don’t watch their videos on YouTube for a while may be this can help you. Just stay away from all the other content outside of their music and you’ll be fine.

Why are BTS fans called army?

“A.R.M.Y” stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth” and it carries quite some meaning behind it, given that “Army” is associated with the military, body armor, and how those two things are always together, the fandom name basically means that fans will always be together with BTS.

Are BTS bad for kids? BTS is a good example for our kids.

While some of us may not be K-Pop fans, we can’t deny that BTS has been a force of good for our kids. Some of these concepts such as setting boundaries, speaking up, and self-love might seem a little foreign when said but they’re actually something kids need as they slowly grow up.

Can a 13 year old like BTS?

BTS is not ‘just for kids’ but is for everyone – no matter your age.

Why do teenage girls like K-Pop?

Kpop stars are relatable. Kpop stars tend to be pretty relatable to their fans because, well, they’re just everyday teenagers and young adults, like their fanbase. The only differences are the packed schedules, fame, and possibly larger income that they have.

Is BTS famous in India? Music streaming giant Spotify’s 2020 data puts BTS as the fourth-most streamed boy band in India. BTS was also one of the top three streaming trends from Spotify’s first year in India.

What is the religion of BTS? Are BTS members Christian or not? In an interview, RM briefly discussed his view on religion. He mentioned that he does not believe in a God and he says he in fact is an atheist. Suga, after a performance, sent out a tweet that translated that he was human and that he is a weak human who acts strong.

Why BTS is not coming to India?

BTS Boys Coming To India Soon? Mumbai: BTS boys – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook enjoy a massive fan following in India, but have never visited the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What color are V’s eyes? V is absolutely STUNNING with green eyes! Well all the members have beautiful brown/ really dark eyes from the beginning. It’s just that they wear colored contacts during their concerts to look nice. They will always have Dark brown eyes.

What is Taehyung’s favorite movie?

Midnight In Paris (US)

What is Taehyung’s favorite number? – He can speak fluently Japanese. – He’s favorite number is 10. – V’s favorite items are: his computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything unique. – It is said that when his teaser image was released 5 personal fan clubs were created.

What is V’s favorite fruit?

Conversation. Taehyung’s favourite fruit is strawberry He really loves strawberry.

What is Taehyung’s favorite animal? Fans on social media say V’s favorite animal is a lion

V is one of the singers in BTS, a K-pop group, along with members Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin.

What country does BTS love?

The institute also found that about 800,000 visitors visited South Korea because of BTS every year. That’s more than 70% of the country’s annual tourists.

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