Why did Pooja leave Craig?

Clearing the air, Pooja told an interview that she began her career as a VJ in SS Music Channel. During this time, she fell in love with Craig and married her. Within two years, they found that they had serious compatibility issues and obtained divorce.

Also, What happened to Craig and Pooja? After her divorce, it took almost a year for former VJ and actress Pooja Ramachandran, to accept the manner in which her relationship with former VJ Craig came to an end. Talking to us for the first time post her divorce, she tells us, “We divorced by mutual consent.

What is VJ Craig doing now? After SS Music, Craig did a few live shows, and started looking at marketing of television channels and radio stations. He is currently a consultant, and has recently revamped a Chennai-based channel from GEC to news.

Beside above Why SS Music shut down? Music channel SS TV forced off air after showing ‘vulgar and obscene’ images. … On the recommendation of inter-ministerial committee, the ministry decided to suspend the channel for a week in November 2010.

Who is the owner of SS music?

The company was started by Fortune Media PVT LTD the parent company, as a lottery channel to announce lottery results.

What happened SS Music? it’s Simply Superb! SS Music Or SS TV, Also Known As “Southern Spice Music Channel” Formerly Established TV Channel Based In Chennai, India, Now Relaunched As An Ultimate Entertainment Channel in Digital Platforms.

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