Who won the Block 2009?

The Block winners Darren and Deanne Jolly pocket almost $1 million at auction.

Then, What suburb is the Block 2021?

The first episode of The Block 2021 is set to air next month, and will see former Blockheads Ronnie and Georgia and Mitch and Mark (alongside three new teams of ‘fan’ contestants) descend upon the bayside inner-city Melbourne suburb of Hampton to renovate a series of five free-standing homes.

simply so, Who won the block in 2017?

The Block’s open for inspection took place on Sunday, 15 October 2017. The Block auctions (or Block-tions) for the houses were held on Saturday, 28 October 2017. Elyse & Josh won the series with comedian Dave Hughes buying their property for over $3m.

Who came 2nd on the Block 2020? Frontrunners Luke and Jasmin unexpectedly finished second last, earning $506,000 from a $3.856m sale. Buyer’s advocate Nicole Jacobs, a regular bidder on The Block, said she was “not surprised” three properties sold at $4m or higher.

How old is Mitch Mark?


House Couple Age
1 Mitch Edwards & Mark McKie 56 & 57
2 Tess Cattana & Luke Struber 28 & 30
3 Andy & Deb Saunders 48 & 46
4 El’ise & Matt Bothe 33 & 39

Where do Tanya and Vito live?

Experience: Tanya and Vito, who have always lived in Melbourne’s north-west suburbs have built three houses of their own during their marriage.

What nationality is Ronnie from The Block?

Ronnie Caceres Nationality And Background: Everything About The Reality Star From ‘The Block’ Rumors have been going around that Ronnie Caceres, whose nationality is Australian, and his wife may win the show “The Block”. Ronnie Caceres is a well-known TV star from The Australia-based reality show, The Block.

Is Wombat married?

The Block star and series favourite Wombat has revealed that he and his wife Ruby Walton have welcomed a baby girl. The former reality TV star took to Instagram on Sunday to share a sweet snap of himself holding the couple’s newborn and revealed that they named her Charlie Luna Price.

How much did Josh and Elyse house sell for?

Dave had purchased Josh and Elyse’s house at auction for $3.067million during The Block 2017 finale. The sale price was $447,000 over Josh and Elyse’s reserve of $2.62million, giving them the win and an extra $100,000 in prize money.

Who won 2019 block?

Tess and Luke, the dark horses of The Block 2019, took out the win with an incredible profit, but they weren’t the only team to do well. We’ve broken down just how the auctions played out and how much money each team is taking home after the auction.

Who did Luke and Jasmin copy?

Western Australian couple Luke and Jasmin felt the wrath of The Block judge Shaynna Blaze after she accused them of copying their entire children’s bedroom. “Inspiration is one thing, completely taking someone’s idea and making it your own is another,” Shaynna, 57, said as she blasted the duo on the show.

Who won 2021 The Block?

Defying their critics – not least judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer – Mitch and Mark have won The Block 2021, selling their house for more than $644,444 above its reserve, as Tanya finally came clean on cheating.

Has Jimmy and TAMS house sold 2021?

The embattled Brighton home of The Block contestants Jimmy and Tam has finally sold. The 1950s-style pad, which was at the centre of the show’s “conwoman” scandal, is understood to have been snapped up last week by a local family. It’s believed to have sold for around the $4 million mark, industry sources confirmed.

What do Ronnie and Georgia do for a living?

Ronnie and Georgia renovate and flip houses for a living, so the pressure on this Perth couple to perform is huge. They know that this means their build on The Block has to be pretty well perfect.

Who won The Block Oslo?

The Block 2019: Tess and Luke win Oslo Hotel St Kilda season. Cairns couple Tess and Luke have taken out The Block in 2019. Queensland underdogs Tess and Luke have blitzed The Block, in a season where every luxury townhouse sold more than $300,000 above reserve.

How much did Ronnie and Georgia make on The Block?

For the record, Ronnie and Georgia were genuinely unlucky to come last, with winnings of $296,000 after taking their agent’s advice to go first in the auction order.

Are Tanya and Vito Italian?

Italian in background, family is everything to Vito, who wants to give their kids a goal to look up to by appearing on The Block. “We want to set the best example for our kids, mum and dad doing their best when dealing with the highs and lows. We always make sure that we work together as a team.

Are Mitch and Mark still together?

Australia first met the fabulous Sydney couple Mitch and Mark on The Block in 2019 at The Oslo in St Kilda. Now they return to The Block to show more of what they can do and snatch the crown as winners. … Together for 16 years, Mitch and Mark work incredibly well together.

Are Tanya and Vito still together?

Tanya and Vito have been together for two decades. Despite all the controversy, the couple have stayed strong, where they previously told 9Entertainment that their relationship is all about “opposites attract, opposites attack”.

Who won The Block 2017?

The Block auctions (or Block-tions) for the houses were held on Saturday, 28 October 2017. Elyse & Josh won the series with comedian Dave Hughes buying their property for over $3m.

How old is Tanya Vito?

Tanya (39) and Vito (44) – Parents from Melbourne, VIC.

How long has Ronnie and Georgia been married?

Together now for 12 years and married for six, the couple have since added to their brood with Leo, four-and-a-half and Charlotte, two-and-a-half. Everything they do is for their family. “This is why we’re doing The Block,” Georgia adds.


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