What does Bluto yell during shout?

Cue an almighty fracas, soundtracked by the Chris Montez tune “Let’s Dance” and capped off by Belushi turning to the camera and yelling, “FOOD FIIIIIGHT!” At this point in the film, during screenings all across America, popcorn would be flung in the air with wild abandon.

Then, What did Dean Wormer say to flounder?

When he addresses Kent “Flounder” Dorfman, who has an 0.2 GPA, the dean has only one comment: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” It’s good advice, we guess. But we don’t think Dean Wormer’s trying to be helpful here.

simply so, What does otter mouth in Animal House?

At one point, he says, “See if you can guess what I am now,” before cramming some mashed potatoes into his mouth, hitting his cheeks with his fists, and spraying mashed potatoes everywhere.

What was Bluto’s grade point average? A drunken degenerate with his own style, in his seventh year of college, with a GPA of 0.0.

What happened to Flounder from Animal House?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stephen Furst, who played naïve fraternity pledge Flounder in the hit movie Animal House, has died of complications from diabetes, his family said Saturday. … Furst died Friday at his home in Moorpark, Calif., north of Los Angeles, said his son, Nathan.

What did Dean Wormer say?

Dean Vernon Wormer (John Vernon): “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

How long was Bluto in college?

Producer Matty Simmons, founder of “The National Lampoon”, contributed one line to the script: Bluto’s “Seven years of college down the drain!”

What was the Dean’s name in Animal House?

Vernon best for his performance in “Animal House” as Dean Wormer, who is bent on expelling the hard-partying Delta fraternity. The movie, starring John Belushi and Tim Matheson, is one of the most popular screen comedies. Mr. Vernon was born in 1932 in Saskatchewan.

Who died from Animal House?

Matty Simmons, who helped launch National Lampoon magazine and was instrumental in bringing into being its most famous side project, the 1978 movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” died on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 93.

What was Flounders name in Animal House?

Stephen Furst, best known for his role as the hapless Delta House fraternity pledge Kent “Flounder” Dorfman in the landmark comedy “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” has died. He was 63. His sons Nathan and Griffin Furst posted a statement on Twitter that Furst died Friday due to complications from diabetes.

What were the nicknames in Animal House?


  • John Belushi as John “Bluto” Blutarsky.
  • Tim Matheson as Eric “Otter” Stratton.
  • Peter Riegert as Donald “Boon” Schoenstein.
  • Tom Hulce as Lawrence “Pinto” Kroger.
  • Stephen Furst as Kent “Flounder” Dorfman.
  • Bruce McGill as Daniel “D-Day” Simpson Day.
  • James Widdoes as Robert Hoover.
  • Karen Allen as Katy.

Is Animal House a classic?

National Lampoon’s Animal House is considered to be one of the top comedy movies of history. The classic film premiered in the summer of 1978, and, to be honest, no one had high hopes for the production.

Who was Otter in Animal House?

Tim Matheson, who played Eric “Otter” Stratton in 1978’s Animal House, really didn’t care for Stephen Furst when the two men first met just prior to shooting the comedy classic.

Is Delta Tau Chi real?

Delta Tau Chi (ΔΤΧ) is a fraternity at Richmore Academy. Their house is located in the Students Residence block. … Though unconfirmed, there have been rumors floating about that the students may collectively be under the influence of any number of substances.

What fraternity was John Belushi?

Before portraying an alcohol-loving member of the Delta fraternity, Belushi played many roles as an original castmember of NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Who played the devil in Animal House?

Tim Matheson
Born Timothy Lewis Matthieson December 31, 1947 Glendale, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, director
Years active 1961–present
Spouse(s) Jennifer Leak ( m. 1968; div. 1971) Megan Murphy Matheson ( m. 1985; div. 2010) Elizabeth Marighetto ( m. 2018)

Who played Mrs Dean Wormer in Animal House?

Verna Bloom, the actress who played debauched wife Marion Wormer in “Animal House” and later portrayed Jesus’ mother in “The Last Temptation of Christ,” has died at age 80.

Who has died from Babylon 5?

Her Twitter account announced the news on Thursday. Mira Furlan, best known for her roles as Delenn on “Babylon 5” and Danielle Rousseau on “Lost,” died on Wednesday.

Why is there a Tennessee flag in Animal House?

Although the film takes place in Pennsylvania, a Tennessee flag is shown in the courtroom. This is because the set decorator was unable to find a large enough Pennsylvania flag for the scene, and the blue Oregon state flag wouldn’t work, because it had “State of Oregon” text on the upper part.

Was Animal House successful?

The Universal Pictures film, which stars the late John Belushi and tells the story of a wild fraternity at the fictional Faber College, was a box office success in 1978, making $141.6 million domestically.

Is Animal House movie banned?

BOSTON (Reuters) – New Hampshire’s top court on Tuesday upheld a lower court’s decision banning the fraternity that inspired the movie “Animal House” from living in its house near Dartmouth College campus after the school decertified the group for branding its members.

Why is Animal House Rated R?

Lots of sexual situations, including women giving a guy manual sex (barely offscreen), reading pornography, Bluto looking up the skirts of some cheerleaders and watching shirtless women have a pillow fight. Some naked breasts.


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