Is Selena on HBO Max?

Selena + Chef is an American streaming television cooking show hosted by Selena Gomez that premiered on HBO Max on August 13, 2020 .

Selena + Chef
Distributor HBO Max
Original network HBO Max
Original release August 13, 2020 – present

Then, How do I watch Selena chef?

Selena + Chef is available to stream on HBO Max.

simply so, What channel is Selena Gomez cooking show on?

Selena Gomez’s HBO Max Cooking Show ‘Selena + Chef’ Renewed for Third Season. Selena Gomez and her celebrated rainbow-colored knives are gearing up to make some new meals. The songstress’ popular cooking show will be returning for a whole new season of celebrity chefs and delicious dishes!

Will there be another season of Selena and chef? Selena Gomez will be returning to the kitchen for another season of her popular cooking show Selena + Chef. HBO Max has renewed the series for a fourth season, with premiere slated for next year. … Season 4 will be set at a beach house where Selena will continue to learn the joys of cooking with all-star chefs.


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