Is any of the cast of Hazel still alive?

Don DeFore, who played Hazel’s employer, George Baxter, died in 1993 of a heart attack at age 80. Whitney Blake (Mrs. Baxter) died in 2002 of cancer at 76. Bobby Buntrock, who played the Baxters’ son, Harold, died in a car accident in 1974 at 21.

Then, How old is Whitney Blake?

She was 76. Blake died Saturday at her home in Edgartown, Mass., after a long illness, attended by her family and the Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard, said her husband, writer-producer Allan Manings.

simply so, What happened to Shirley Booth?

She reportedly suffered a stroke that caused mobility issues and blindness. After her death, Booth’s sister said she had broken her hip in 1991, which further inhibited her mobility. On October 16, 1992, Booth died at age 94 at her home in North Chatham.

How old is Lynn Borden? Lynn Borden, who starred on the 1960s TV comedy Hazel and was done in by a killer turtle in the 1972 cult eco-horror film Frogs, died Tuesday after an extended illness, her family announced. She was 77.

Who played Deirdre on Hazel?

Catherine Lee Lewis (December 27, 1916 – November 20, 1968) was an American actress on radio, film, and television.


Year 1961-66
Title Hazel
Role Deirdre Thompson
Notes 17 episodes


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