How tall is John B from OBX?

Chase Stokes Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Profession Actor
Famous Role “John B” in Netflix Web Series, “Outer Banks” (2020)
Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.) in centimeters- 185 cm in meters- 1.85 m in feet & inches- 6′ 1”

How old is JJ Outer Banks? Rudy Pankow plays JJ, and in the series JJ is also 16. Rudy was born in August 1998, so is 22 and has a six year age gap with his character.

How old is Kiara from Outer Banks? Kiara, or Kie, is the only female member of John B.’s group of friends, known as the “Pogues.” She’s 16, too. Kiara’s parents own a restaurant in the Outer Banks, which sometimes means that she gets dragged to Kook events, like the Midsummer party in episode five of season one.

then How old is John B real life? So How Old is Chase Stokes? Stokes is 28 in real life and will be turning 29 in September, making him over 11 years older than the character he plays on Outer Banks. He’s also older than the actors who portray his fellow Pogues. Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, turns 23 this year.

Who is Sarah Cameron dating IRL?

John B and Sarah Cameron are dating in real life! On Sunday, Outer Banks star Chase Stokes confirmed his romance with costar Madelyn Cline on social media. The actor, 27, shared photos from the couple’s beach date on Instagram, along with the caption: “cats outta the bag.”

How old is John B Rutledge in real life? The 27-year-old had a brief appearance in Stranger Things (he played a student named Reed who made some raunchy remarks toward Nancy in Season 1), as well as roles in Tell Me Your Secrets and One Of Us Is Lying, but Outer Banks is his big break.

How tall is Rafe from Outer Banks? Wiki Celebs tells us that this young actor stands at 6 feet 2 inches, which is a couple of inches taller than his buddy Chase Stokes.

Do Pogues and kooks exist? Are these terms really used in real life? Madison, who is from North Carolina, revealed that while characters are constantly called Kooks and Pogues on the show, they’re not really used in her home state. “Pogues and Kooks are real, they’re just not called that,” she told US Weekly.

How much do OBX actors make?

While the Outer Banks cast’s salary isn’t known, the cast’s current salary is likely in the $20,000 and $80,000-per-episode range. Showrunner Jonas Pate also told Entertainment Weekly in 2020 that she expects Outer Banks to run for four to five seasons, which means there’s room for the cast’s salary to go up even more.

What age is Outer Banks for? While Outer Banks may be a teen drama, it’s rated TV-MA, which means it’s not suitable for viewers under the age of 17. The show itself isn’t particularly scandalous, as there are only moderate sexual references throughout the series, but it’s the language and violence throughout the title that grants it this rating.

Why did Maddie and Chase split?

Madelyn and Chase are no longer together,” one insider said. “They were trying to work things out privately but broke up a couple of months ago.” … In a February 2021 interview with Us Weekly, Stokes talked about why he and Cline started dating after they filmed season one of Outer Banks.

What is Sarah Cameron’s real name? Madelyn Renee Cline (born December 21, 1997) is an American actress and model known for her starring role as Sarah Cameron on the Netflix drama series Outer Banks.

How is Chase Stokes related to Rylie Walker?

Chase Stokes was born to Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning. His father is the president of STRIDE franchise LLC. … He has a brother named Kaden Stokes, and a sister named Kendall Nicole Stokes; both are from his father’s second marriage. He has three more siblings – Evan Walker, Rylie Walker, and Griffin Walker.

Why does JJ call John B Bree?

This might be a clue as to why John B.’s nickname is what it is. Since his dad is also John Routledge — aka, another John R. — the “B” may be one way for him to differentiate himself from his father. … To add an extra layer into this nickname stuff, John B. has a best friend named J.J. (Rudy Pankow).

Does Pope go to college Outer Banks? Pope was in the running for a merit scholarship for college but he left his interview halfway through to help the Pogues get the gold, messing up his chances to get a scholarship.

Is Drew Starkey a twin? The actor was born to Todd Starkey and Jodi Ballard Hutto. … The American actor has one brother, Logan Starkey, and two sisters, Brooke and Mackayla Starkey.

Where was OBX filmed?

The series is filmed south of the actual Outer Banks in Charleston, South Carolina. The scenes involving water take place on Mount Pleasant’s Shem Creek. Other locations used are Pitt Street, Hunting Island, the Hunting Island Lighthouse and Lowndes Grove.

How much of Outer Banks is true? Believe it or not, the OBX is 100 percent real. It’s a group of islands located in North Carolina that are a pretty popular destination for surfing and hanging out by the beach over the summer.

Is Sarah Cameron a kook?

Biography. Sarah grew up on the wealthier side of the island in Figure Eight and thus is considered a Kook. Her father is a self-made entrepreneur and built the family business from the ground up. Sarah describes him as being like John B when he was younger.

How did Ward Cameron get rich? He went on to become a multimillionaire real estate developer via his company Cameron Development, thanks in part to the Limbrey family funding his first development project.

What is JJ from Outer Banks net worth?

Rudy is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000. Netflix has not released the salaries of the Outer Banks cast, so the 22-year-old star may be worth more or less than this.

How much does Madison Bailey make? According to PopBuzz, Bailey is the third highest-paid regular on the show. She brings in a net worth estimate of $500,000. That’s a lot of money for a 22-year old.

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