Did the actor Robert Shaw have a limp?

6. ROBERT SHAW’S LIMP WAS REAL. Shaw, who played crime boss Doyle Lonnegan in the film, hurt his leg playing racquetball two days before shooting began. Director Hill decided to work with it and had Shaw turn his injury into a character trait.

Then, How did Robert Shaw injure his knee?

Robert Shaw injured his knee and incorporated the resulting limp into his performance. According to “You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again” by Julia Phillips, Shaw split all the ligaments in his knee after slipping on a wet handball court at the Beverly Hills Hotel a week before filming started.

simply so, Why does Robert Shaw limp in The Sting?

Shaw’s character’s limping in the film was authentic. Shaw had slipped on a wet handball court at the Beverly Hills Hotel a week before filming began and had injured the ligaments in his knee. He wore a leg brace during production which was hidden under the wide 1930s style trousers.

What hotel was in the movie sting? Lonnegan’s Chicago hotel interior – Castle Green Apartments, 99 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, California.

Is there a sequel to The Sting?

The Sting II is a 1983 American comedy film and a sequel to The Sting, again written by David S. Ward. It was directed by Jeremy Paul Kagan and stars an entirely original cast including Jackie Gleason, Mac Davis, Teri Garr, Karl Malden and Oliver Reed.

Who did card tricks in The Sting?

He served as a technical advisor in the 1973 motion picture The Sting, and doubled for actor Paul Newman’s hands during scenes that involved card manipulations and deck switching. Scarne was often proclaimed by experts, magicians and editors of the time as the greatest card manipulator of all time.

What year is The Sting set in?

The movie begins in Joliet, Illinois, in September 1936. Two men, Johnny Hooker (played by Redford) and his partner, Luther (Robert Earl Jones), trick a courier out of $11,000, unaware that the money was to have been given to powerful mobster Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw).

Is 20% of The Sting hand drawn?

Everyone learns the art of the grift and that The Sting isn’t so great on Community season 6, episode 9. … It’s actually one of the more overt ones, never once trying to hide that it’s an extended shoutout to The Sting. As Abed explains, after all, about 20% of it is hand-drawn.

Who played the hit woman in The Sting?

On Broadway, Arliss starred opposite Stacy Keach in “Indians” and with Kevin Kline and John Malkovich in “Arms and the Man.” After appearing as a “hit lady” in the 1973 hit “The Sting,” she was seen in “Xanadu,” starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, and in Clint Eastwood’s “Firefox.”

Did Redford do his own stunts in The Sting?

The 30-page script for the nearly wordless film was made up mostly of sketches. And in a physically demanding role, Redford, 77, did nearly all his own stunts. … His best-known films include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Candidate, The Way We Were, The Sting, All the President’s Men and Out of Africa.

How did Paul Newman switch cards in the sting?

Newman must change the hand with four threes for a hand with four jacks. It would be easiest to hold out an entire hand of four jacks and a fifth card and switch five card hands. But Newman switches only the four threes for the four jacks he’s held out and he keeps the six of hearts.

How do you play the game sting?

How do you do the sting card trick?

Which city is The Sting set?

While set in Depression-era Chicago, The Sting was filmed almost entirely in 1973 Los Angeles. The Looff Hippodrome, which is located at 276 Santa Monica Pier, is where Newman’s Henry Gondorff lived and worked, operating a carousel, with his girlfriend, Billie (Eileen Brennan) in the film.

Who played the piano in the sting?

5.0 out of 5 stars A classic soundtrack album. Great album of the soundtrack from the movie. Marvin Hamlisch was a great composer and arranger of music. He won the Academy Award for the Soundtrack and he played the piano on the soundtrack.

Who was the assassin in the sting?

In The Sting, Arliss played the assassin Loretta Salino; in Rich Man, Poor Man, she was Maria Falconetti. Dimitra Arliss, best known for the role of Loretta Salino, an assassin who nearly shoots Robert Redford in the Oscar-winning film The Sting, died January 26, 2012, in Woodland Hills, California.

Does Robert Redford sail in real life?

Redford, who is not a sailor but has spent some time on powerboats, became an adept sailor for the movie, Chandor said. … Chandor said he knows that sailors will be watching the film closely to make sure it feels authentic.

Does Robert Redford know how do you ride a horse?

Here are five actors who ride horses off-screen. … Robert Redford. Among some of Redford’s top films are “The Electric Horseman” and the 1998 movie, “The Horse Whisperer.” But Redford himself is a skilled horseman.

Who makes Newman’s Own salad dressing?

Newman’s Own is a food company founded by actor Paul Newman and author A. E. Hotchner in 1982. The company donates 100% of its after-tax profits to the Newman’s Own Foundation, a private nonprofit foundation which in turn supports various educational and charitable organizations.

Newman’s Own.

Type Private
Website newmansown.com

How did Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward meet?

The two actors first met in the early 1950s while working in New York City on a Broadway production of the romantic drama Picnic. Newman had a supporting role and filled in for the show’s star, while Woodward was the understudy to the play’s female leads.

Where was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid filmed?

Starting off with this ’69 classic, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was shot in Durango, Silverton, and Telluride, where the real-life Cassidy robbed his first bank. Remember the intense train explosion scene? That was shot on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad line.


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