UK bans TikTok on government devices

TikTok is now banned on government devices in the UK, Oliver Dowden announced Thursday, March 16 in British Parliament. The ban is taken with ” immediate effect “ he specified.

The short video sharing application, very popular among young people, is accused by its critics of allowing Chinese authorities access to user data around the world, which TikTok disputes. It is a measure of “precaution”said the minister. “We know there is already limited use of TikTok in government, but this is good cyber hygiene. »

“Given the particular risk around government devices, which may contain sensitive information, it is both prudent and proportionate to restrict the use of certain applications”particularly those that access and store a “significant amount of data”, he added. This approach follows similar bans taken in particular by the United States, Canada or the European Union, argued Mr. Dowden.

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Threat of total ban in the United States

This prohibition “does not apply to personal phones” government employees, authorities said in a text published online Thursday. Some, if they need it as part of their duties, will have the right to install the Chinese application on their professional device but only ” case by case “complete the text.

China on Wednesday urged the United States to stop “unwarranted attacks” against TikTok, after a request from the American government to its Chinese parent company to separate from it under penalty of prohibition for reasons of national security. According to wall street journal and other American dailies, the White House has issued an ultimatum: if TikTok remains in the fold of its owner, the Chinese group ByteDance, it will be banned in the United States.

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TikTok has confirmed to Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the US government has recommended that the application be transferred by its owner.

Washington “has so far provided no evidence that TikTok threatens the national security of the United States”reacted Wednesday to the press a spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy, Wang Wenbin. “The United States should stop spreading false information on data security issues, stop unwarranted attacks [contre TikTok] and provide an open, fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment” to foreign companies, the spokesperson added.

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