the couple reiterate their accusations of racism towards the royal family

” How did we get here ? » Everything is said (by Harry himself) from the first minute of the first of the three episodes of the docuseries Harry & Meghan that Netflix has been offering since Thursday, December 8. The couple’s co-produced film kicks off when they board Heathrow in March 2020 for the United States after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to break with their “royal”.

These first three episodes will not have delivered any startling revelations about the British royal family. On the other hand, they will have exasperated even more those (many in the United Kingdom) who believe that the couple never stops rehashing the past and brings harmful accusations but without proof on the monarchy. These archival documents, interspersed with interviews with friends of the couple, will on the contrary have reinforced those who consider that the former American actress and the prince – fifth in the order of succession to the throne – are right to raise the voice against an outdated institution that maintains, from their point of view, racist biases – conscious or unconscious.

Black and white images, the headlines of the Anglo-Saxon press – “Queen’s Fury” (DailyMail); “Leaving a trail of destruction” (Daily Express); “Hard Exit” (New York Times) –, Netflix chose dramatization for the introduction to this love story. The color returns to the screen when we find the young couple in Vancouver, Canada, where the youngest son of Charles III and his American wife first put down their suitcases.

Harry repeats that he must ” protect [sa] family “. ” I do not know what to say anymore “, sighs on her side Meghan, her eyes misty. The two actors play the role they have assigned themselves: that of misunderstood, if not victims of the heavy royal family of England with which they have broken. And the press. The younger brother of the new Prince of Wales (and future king) William immediately attacks: “it is my duty to expose the opportunism and corruption that plague our media”. And warns, in reference to his mother Lady Di: “I am my mother’s son! »

Everything is here. No question of letting yourself, like Diana, dictate your life by the pomp and circumstance of the monarchy, its servitudes, its obligations. This is the message that the couple intends to convey in this documentary.

Young bachelor a little lost when he meets Meghan, the second son of Prince Charles (now King Charles III) and Lady Diana, struggles to overcome the trauma of the accidental death of his mother, almost twenty years earlier, and he hardly supports tabloid harassment. He had to cut short his military career – his base in Afghanistan having been made public in the press – and his girlfriends are also being hunted down by the paparazzi.

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