In the UK, the Conservative Party creates controversy by posing as a fact-checking site

The party on Tuesday night renamed one of its Twitter accounts to present it as a "fact-checking" account.

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On the BBC, Dominic Raab argued that it was a question of refuting in real time the "absurdities" uttered, he said, by the Labor opposition. HENRY NICHOLLS / REUTERS

He persists and signs. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, one of the heavyweights of the British Conservative Party, on Wednesday (November 20th) defended the fact that his party on Tuesday evening renamed one of his Twitter accounts as a fact-checking (verification of information).

The party was, in fact, strongly criticized for having renamed the press service of the Conservative Party campaign headquarters (CCHQ Press Office) as "FactcheckUK" during the debate opposing the Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in the first Conservative Minister Boris Johnson, commenting on the Labor Leader's statements and relaying those of the Conservative leader.

On the BBC, Dominic Raab argued that it was a question of refuting in real time the "Absurdities" uttered by the Labor opposition. According to him, 'Person looking at the account more than a split second can not be cheated. "

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Corrective action in case of another attempt to "deceive people"

For its part, Twitter warned that it would take action in case of a new attempt to "Deceive people" during the British election campaign. A spokesman for the social network reminded:

"Twitter is committed to ensuring a healthy debate during the UK election campaign. We have rules in place internationally that prohibit misleading behavior, including with certified accounts. Any further attempt to mislead people by modifying certified profile information, as was done during the UK election debate, will result in remedial action. "

On the BBC radio 4, Will Moy, managing director of the independent Fact-checking Full Fact association, said Twitter could have renamed the account "By force". However, according to him, the responsibility here is not on the social network but on the party, which has "Chosen" to pretend to be an account of fact-checking. "They did not publish accurate information"but "Party lines", he said.

"They changed their colors, they changed their name, they changed their logo for something that did not look like the Conservative Party. "

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