Boris Johnson, threatened in his own riding

The Prime Minister officially launched his campaign on Wednesday, promising a Brexit "made in January". But he is absent in his stronghold, unlike his local Labor rival.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at his first campaign meeting in Birmingham, UK, on ​​November 6th. FRANK AUGSTEIN / AP

The meeting had been scheduled two days earlier on Facebook, just outside the South Ruislip metro station in northwestern London. It is 6:30 pm, Tuesday, November 5, and it is already dark night. It is raining and the bottom of the air is very cool. Yet there are people on the grassy ground in front of the train station. In the darkness, there are many young people, students, active, some parents with children.

They hurry around Ali Milani, the Labor candidate for the riding of Uxbridge and South Ruislip. The young man, navy jacket and brown beard, speaks, his face dazzled by a lighting of fortune: "Something incredible is happening here in Uxbridge. You know what ? We will have a chance to eject for the first time in the history of our democracy a prime minister in office! " The audience is delighted and sings the refrain reserved for the Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn: "A-li Milaniiiiii".

Boris Johnson has just entered the campaign he already has trouble to do. Prime Minister officially launched it Wednesday, November 6 – promising, if he wins a majority on December 12, a Parliament "Who works for" the British, and Brexit "Realized in January". His conservative side is currently credited with ten points in the polls, but he accumulates blunders.

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Serious skid and resignation

The serious slippage of Jacob Rees-Mogg, his Minister of Relations with Parliament, is causing a wave of indignation. Known for his right-wing opinions, he said Tuesday that if he had found himself in the burning Grenfell tower, he would have fled without listening to the firefighters' instructions (unlike the majority of the 72 victims of this terrible fire, in 2017) , because "It's just common sense".

On Wednesday, Wales' minister Alun Cairns was forced to resign, accused of turning a blind eye to sabotage, by one of his aides, of a rape case. Moreover, the controversy continues to swell after the blockage, by Downing Street, the publication of a parliamentary report on the Russian interference in the British elections.


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