“Israeli” missile strikes in southern Syria

Helicopters "Israeli" fired missiles in southern Syria, Syrian state media reported Thursday night to Friday 1er May, a few days after similar raids attributed to the Hebrew state.

"From occupied Golan airspace, Israeli enemy helicopters attacked positions in the southern region with several missiles", the official Sana news agency reported on Friday shortly after midnight. The agency does not specify the nature of the targets but evokes "Material damage only".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), which also reported these raids, reports on "Military positions of regime forces and pro-Iran militias", in the two neighboring provinces of Deraa and Kuneitra, which adjoin the Golan.

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Three civilians killed on Monday

Air raids allegedly imputed to Israel by Syria were targeted shortly before dawn on Monday near Damascus. Three civilians were killed in missile shells that hit their homes, Sana said. The OSDH said the bombing was targeting positions of Iranian forces and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters south of Damascus. The NGO had reported the deaths of four combatants.

The Hebrew state, which rarely confirms its operations in Syria, regularly insists that it will not let Syria become the bridgehead of Tehran. On April 20, the Sana news agency reported that Israeli missiles had been fired at targets in the central desert of Palmyra. The OSDH had assured that the targeted targets were "Military posts of Iranian militias". The raids killed three Syrian fighters and six other foreigners, according to the NGO, which was unable to determine their nationalities.

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