"Get up, Samir my brother, let's go together to Martyrs' square"

Speaking in a tribune to the "World", his friend the historian and journalist Samir Kassir, great voice of the Arab world, murdered in a car bomb attack in June 2005, the Lebanese writer celebrates the long-awaited promise of a people finally united against the "mafia communitarianism".

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"The Lebanese people are reborn, united in a gigantic jolt that represents the advent of a revolution we had long dreamed of" (Lebanese writer Elias Khoury, 2004). STEPHANE OF SAKUTIN / AFP

Tribune. From the heart of the October uprising, I write to you. I am sitting in your garden and I see your image reflected in the water, embracing the young Lebanese who are invading the streets again. The Lebanese people are reborn, united in a gigantic jolt that represents the advent of a revolution we had long dreamed of.

From Tripoli to Tire, from Zouq, from Jbeil to Nabatiyah, Baalbek, Akkar and Batroun, to Beirut, the people rebelled against the religious communities and their leaders, it broke the false halos of the sacred and modesty, he rose up against the caste of oligarchs and mafia who robbed him, humiliated, hungry and despoiled.

The image of segregationist Gebran Bassil (Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, son-in-law of the President of the Republic Michel Aoun), and his mute master shattered, the aura shattered when the Hezbollah Secretary General (Hassan Nasrallah) declared to be the representative of the system and the guarantor of the government of the bandits. Nabih Berri (President of the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies) unmasked by ordering his thugs to shoot the protesters.

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Get up, Samir my brother, let's go together to Martyrs' Square, accompany me to Riyad al-Solh Square. This is the festival of freedom, go to joy, love, beauty and dignity. Rap resounds at the Nour Square in Tripoli. With the cries of freedom, people created their festival in Baalbek. On the golden shores of Tire, bonfires have shone everywhere.

Our homeland has just been born in the street, free, independent and democratic

That's it, our Lebanon! Protesters who cheer Palestine and Syria and prepare to live the most beautiful moments of the "Arab Spring". Our Damascus is here! Our Palestine is here! We waited a long time for this moment and, when he arrived, we went to meet him without any apprehension. Our dream, that of seeing the united people sweep away the false slogans of the national and communitarian union, is materializing today in the streets and squares.

The system that made fear, banditry, theft, the protectorate of the foreigner collapsed. Yes, comrade martyr, the system has fallen, people do not call to make it fall, they make it fall from their hands. At the very moment when we had written off the stupidity of communitarian fanaticism, where we had found that the patronage of the leaders of the communities and mafia had driven us to hunger and humiliation, it collapsed under the feet of the young people, who are amazed by their prodigious revolution.


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