Eight Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza

Following the Israeli raid that killed one of the leaders of the armed group Islamic Jihad in Gaza on Tuesday, 250 rockets were fired at Israel without killing anyone.

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The city of Gaza on the morning of November 13, after Israeli fire. MAHMUD HAMS / AFP

Eight Palestinians were killed Wednesday (November 13th) in Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip after new rocket fire on Israel, authorities said in a Hamas-controlled enclave. These deaths bring to eighteen the number of Palestinians killed since Tuesday in this territory.

It was an Israeli strike the day before, killing a senior Islamic Jihad commander, which caused renewed tension between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli state. Since Tuesday, at least 250 rockets have been fired from Gaza to Israel, but no deaths, according to the latest assessment of the IDF that said it intercepted 90% of these projectiles.

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The Israeli shootings on Wednesday morning targeted Islamic Jihad, an armed group in Gaza but not controlling the enclave, which confirmed that one of the two killed men, Khaled Fawwaj, was one of his fighters.

In Israel, wake up to sirens alert

In the Israeli cities of Netivot and Ashkelon, in the east and north of Gaza, residents woke up to the sound of warning sirens fired to warn the local population when rockets were fired, according to initial reports. army. Since Tuesday, a rocket damaged a house, another a factory, and another hit a highway, passing a few meters to hit cars in circulation.

Tuesday, schools, colleges, universities and other public institutions had been closed until Tel Aviv, the economic metropolis, located about 70 kilometers from Gaza. On Wednesday, all public institutions remained within 40 kilometers of the Palestinian enclave.

The man targeted by the Israeli operation on Tuesday morning, 41-year-old Baha Abu Al-Ata, a father of five, was one of the top Islamic Jihad leaders and was the commander for the northern Gaza Strip. . He joined the Palestinian group in the 1990s.

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"He was responsible for several terrorist attacks, rocket attacks on the State of Israel in recent months and intended to perpetrate imminent attacks"said Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Following the raid, the Israeli authorities were preparing "Several days of clashes".

Tuesday, in the Syrian capital, Damascus, strikes at dawn the home of a political leader of Islamic Jihad, killing two people including his son, reported the Syrian official news agency SANA and Islamic Jihad, by blaming Israel for its refusal to comment.


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