US Secretary of Defense calls for head of Navy chief

The case of Edward Gallagher divides. SANDY HUFFAKER / AFP

The exclusion of an elite soldier accused of war crimes has created a disagreement between the US Navy and Donald Trump's government. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper then called for the resignation of Navy Chief Richard Spencer " after losing confidence in his lack of sincerity in conversations with the White House in the treatment of the case of Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher ", announced Sunday, November 24 the Pentagon in a statement. The "Navy Seals" are an elite unit of the Navy.

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Edward Gallagher was acquitted in July of the murder of a teenage prisoner during a mission to Iraq in 2017 and two attempted murders of Iraqi civilians with his sniper rifle, as well as for obstruction of justice .

On the other hand, he had been found guilty of having posed a group photo of his kind next to the young man's body in the company of other soldiers. "To prejudice the armed forces" according to the indictment, and degraded by one rank, a sanction which reduced his pay and his retirement. Donald Trump had annulled on November 11 the decision of the military justice to demote Edward Gallagher.

A panel of officers from his elite unit, the "Navy Seals" must meet on December 2 to decide whether he deserves to keep his Trident, the prestigious badge worn by US Navy commando soldiers. On Thursday, the President tweeted that he would not allow the exclusion of Edward Gallagher, but the US Navy had still decided to continue the procedure of exclusion.

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