The first explosive extracts of the book of an "anonymous" on Trump at the White House

Donal Trump at the White House on November 7th. "I am not qualified to diagnose the mental faculties of the president," says "the anonymous" author of the book. "All I can tell you is that normal people who spend time with Donald Trump are uncomfortable with what they see. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP

Everything cracks around Donald Trump. The testimony before the parliamentarians who are conducting the investigation to remove the American president compromises him every day a little more. And there is this book, which is not out yet but is already number one sales on the site of Amazon. The good leaves ofA Warning (A warning, at Twelve, an editor of the group Hachette Book), book of 259 pages to be published on November 19 written by an anonymous author, began to be unveiled on Thursday, 7 November, by the Washington Post, the New York Times or the MSNBC channel.

In these extracts, Donald Trump is presented "Like a 12-year-old in a control tower, who presses all buttons erratically". The author of this blaze is only identified as "A senior official of the Trump administration". He was the one who had published a platform in the New York Times in 2018 in which he explained how, with others, he strove to fight from the inside against "Worst inclinations" of the American president.

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An appeal to undecided voters

But where a book like Fire and Fury: Inside the White House Trump, journalist Michael Wolff, depicted behind the scenes of the first year of the Trump presidency, the author does not return to any specific episode but confirms what was already known of the president: a despot of a White House where the spirit of resistance has disappeared.

The author addresses the undecided voters: he estimates, one year after his tribune, that the members of the" Stable state " – Donald Trump would say "Deep state" ("The deep state")have failed. "No one is trying to control (President), to point it in the right direction ", he wrote. They are, on the contrary, "Panicked" by his morning tweets, forced to rush to intercept him before he can adopt his last "Wacky or destructive idea".

Several members of the Trump administration have considered resigning as a group

He says – and no one has yet been able to confirm this – that several members of the Trump administration have considered resigning as a group in a sort of collective suicide to alert the public to the conduct of the president. , before giving up, considering that such an act would further destabilize an administration already faltering.

He passes the baton – which looks more and more like a stick of dynamite turned on, notes the New York Times – voters, to mean that a second term of Donald Trump would be a disaster. He rejects the idea of ​​dismissing Donald Trump by resorting to 25e amendment or by theimpeachment (dismissal) because the United States can not "To allow new disunity". Mr. Trump, he insists, simply does not have to be elected for a second term. This is the condition sine qua non for "Restore the soul of the political system".

The racist and sexist slippages of the president

The author does not hide the racist slippage of the president who, according to what he writes, does not hesitate to speak with a Hispanic accent when it comes to the crisis of migrants on the Mexican border. Donald Trump would also persist in sexist remarks by commenting on the makeup of one, the clothes on the other, or jokes about the weight of a third …

"He stammers, insults, gets confused, gets irritated easily and has trouble synthesizing information"

"I am not qualified to diagnose the mental faculties of the presidentsays the anonymous. All I can tell you is that normal people who spend time with Donald Trump are uncomfortable with what they see. He stammers, insults, gets confused, gets irritated easily and has trouble synthesizing information. It does not happen occasionally, but regularly. Those who pretend otherwise are lying to themselves or to the country. "

Worse : "When it comes to life and death"the president would literally get his hands in his pockets without having read the notes written for him. What good, by the way? At the beginning of the Trump administration, those who drafted them were instructed to prepare PowerPoint files because "Trump does not want to read." If a counselor ventures to give him notes, the president literally steals a crisis and balances them on the table, says the author. The message, be it military operations or the preparation of the federal budget, ends up being three main points », but it's "Still too much". Finally, the best strategy to inform the President would be to arrive with a "Only idea and repeat it again and again, until it understands".

According to this book, the president also reigns in terror, and the members of his family are not spared. Thus, in a passage quoted by MSNBC, the President launches: "Jared (Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump, the favorite girl of the president)you do not know what you're talking about, do you? I mean seriously. You do not know ! " Elsewhere, Washington Post evokes counselors to whom he firmly asks not to take notes.

The search for the traitor

From the anonymous author, we only know that he has as "A lot of reasonable people (…) voted for Trump because they love their country, they wanted to shake up the establishment and they thought the alternative (Hillary Clinton) was worse. We also know that the straw that broke the camel's back is when Donald Trump refused to salute the memory of John McCain – who died in August 2018 – one of the few Republicans who criticized him. Jennifer Szalai, from New York Times, ventures to suggest that"Anonymous" is "A member of the establishment", republican.

According to the president's spokesperson, journalists should talk about "the book as it is: a work of fiction"

Thursday, the White House immediately triggered a barrage. Stephanie Grisham, the spokeswoman for the president, said: "The coward who wrote this book did not put his name there because it is only lies. " According to her, journalists should talk about "Book as it is: a work of fiction. " On Monday, the Ministry of Justice sent a letter to Twelve and the author's two agents to find out if the book violated a confidentiality clause. The Justice Department also requested information that could help reveal the identity of the author. Hachette Book Group merely qualified the author of "Current or former senior official".

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To comfort themselves, the president's supporters will still be able to retreat to the book of Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of Donald Trump. Entitled Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hates and Wants to Silence Us (Hysterics: how progressives feed on hatred and want to silence us, at Center Street, Hachette Group), the book ranks third in the best-seller list on Amazon.

The nearly 300-page book flatters "Pitiful" – a direct reference to the expression of Hillary Clinton who, during the 2016 presidential campaign, had called some voters of Donald Trump "Pitiful band" – and mocks them "Leftists convinced or thirsty for social justice". It can also be interpreted as a first step towards a declaration of candidacy of the son of the president, in a future that remains to be determined.


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