Did Osmosis Jones lose money?

WB would see returned about $7.7 million of the worldwide receipts after theaters take their percentage of the gross, barely putting a dent in their modest P&A expenses and leaving the budget in the red. After ancillary sales, Osmosis Jones lost nearly $50 million.

also What was the virus in Osmosis Jones? If only he would give up junk food and get some exercise. Frank doesn’t realize when he ingested egg, he introduced into his body a deadly virus called Thrax (voice of Laurence Fishburne).

Will there be an Osmosis Jones 2? Osmosis Jones 2: Body Works is a 2029 American live-action/animated action-adventure comedy film with animated scenes directed by Tom Sito and Gary Trousdale and live-action scenes directed by the Farrelly brothers. … The film was released on August 10, 2029, by Warner Bros. Pictures.

in the same way What kind of pill was DRIX? Drix is a cold pill and Ozzy’s best friend and partner that is designed to soothe irritation within the cities of Frank and Hector.

What do Ozzy and Drix decide to call?

What do Ozzie and Drix decide to call for in order to clean up the mess after the zit explodes? Scap.

How does Osmosis Jones make it back into Frank’s body? As Frank’s temperature goes over 108 degrees, his heart begins to shut down. Riding one of Shane’s tears, Ozzy reenters Frank’s body with Thrax’s necklace of DNA beads, reviving him just in time.

What was in the egg Frank ate earlier? Thrax is an evil virus who is the main villain in Pooh’s Adventures of Osmosis Jones. He appeared in Frank’s body from the filthy egg that Frank ate and he plans to “turn up the heat” in Frank’s body. During the film, he teamed up with The Grand Duke of Owls who was sent by Bowser Koopa to work for him.

What happens to Mayor Phlegmming? As Frank almost dies from Thrax’s attack, he is removed from office. He is last seen as a janitor cleaning a section of the bowels, where he accidentally ejects himself through the rectum and dies.

Where does the mayor of Frank live?

Mayor Ortis graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. He lives with his wife Barbara in Pembroke Pines.

What is DRIX in real life? a screwdriver-like device(used in Street Up)

What is the name of the over the counter pill Osmosis Jones?

Accompanied only by “temporary relief of symptoms commonly associated with flu” cold tablet Drix, Osmosis Jones suspects that there is more going on than just a simple flu.

Who is Uncle Bob in Osmosis Jones? Bob DeTorre is the brother of Frank DeTorre and the uncle /godfather of Shane DeTorre.

Why does DRIX not want Frank to have immunity?

Why does he not want that to happen? He doesn’t want Frank to build up an immunity to him. He doesn’t want this to happen in case he has to take it again. What substance kills Thrax (and most other pathogens)?

What is the name of the virus that has infected Frank?

But with that germ-ridden egg comes a mortal danger: Osmosis discovers Frank has really contracted a villainous and black-hearted deadly virus known as Thrax who arrives and is plotting to ultimately overheat Frank’s body, killing him from the inside out!

What type of white blood cell is Osmosis Jones? Anthropomorphic White Blood Cell (Most likely a neutrophil.) Osmosis “Ozzy” Jones is the titular main protagonist of the film. He’s a white blood cell and a rebel cop. He doesn’t have much respect for authority.

What does the Red Death keep from each victim in Osmosis Jones? He is a deadly virus that came from the filthy egg that Frank ate that was covered in chimp saliva and had also fallen on the ground. His main goal as a deadly virus is to kill cells so that his records can go into the medical books.

Victims Riverside Girl, Detroit Lady, Philly Man

What type of cell is DRIX in Osmosis Jones?

Osmosis “Ozzy” Jones is the titular main protagonist of the film. He’s a white blood cell and a rebel cop.

Osmosis Jones.

Osmosis “Ozzy” Jones
Species: Anthropomorphic White Blood Cell (Most likely a neutrophil.)
Too many parameters

What does the mayor do to Osmosis? He and his assistant Leah were the first cells to know of an impending threat to Frank. To cover this up, he takes control of Frank and makes him take a cold pill. He also fires Osmosis for blowing up the zit, even though it was the right thing to do. As Frank almost dies from Thrax’s attack, he is removed from office.

How did Ozzy and Drix get to Hector?

He and Drix were originally from the city of Frank, the character portrayed in the movie, although they were transferred to Hector through a mosquito while chasing a evil scarlet fever virus aptly named Scarlet.

What is Frank’s temperature when he reaches the hospital? When Frank got to the hospital, his temperature was 107.7.

What does Frank do to Shane’s teacher?

Osmosis Jones (film)

After eating raw oysters from a display, Ozzy discovers a virus on one of them and induces Frank to throw up. Unfortunately it was on Shane’s science teacher. … He accidentally infects himself with a virus after eating a boiled egg that was covered in chimp saliva and dirt.

How is Major Fleming removed from the body in Osmosis Jones? While working at his new job, Phlegmming presses a button that was labeled with, “Do not touch.” This caused him to be blown out of Frank’s body, as a fart, causing his demise as he goes out of the City of Frank.

What kills Thrax in Osmosis Jones?

Thrax is the main antagonist of Osmosis Jones. He is a deadly virus that came from the filthy egg that Frank ate that was covered in chimp saliva and had also fallen on the ground.

Enemies Osmosis Jones, Drix, Leah Estrogen, Mayor Phlemming(Phlegmming).
Weapons Oversized claw, hypothalamus chain, bare hands .

What happens to Frank while he’s driving to Buffalo? After that, Frank and his best friend drove to Buffalo, New York to go to the Buffalo Wing Festival but he got sick, caught a fever and got very light-headed. While driving he fainted, so his best friend called the ambulance to rush Frank to the hospital before he dies.

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