Tennis player Caroline Garcia opens up about her “binge eating”

A smile can hide a lot of pain. Caroline Garcia may have ended the year 2022 in apotheosis, with in particular a first title at the WTA Masters (which brings together the eight best players of the season), her rebirth was not a long calm river. “Often you get judged or criticized when people know 10% of what’s going ontestifies the Frenchwoman in the columns of The TeamThursday, January 5. There have been many doubts amid the victories (…) Even when everything seems positive, some things can be hard to accept. »

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In a tweet posted just after his Masters title in Fort Worth (Texas), the Lyonnaise was already talking about “all states” through which it had passed in 2022, mentioning the ” sleepless nights “, the doubts, the tears and the “bulimia attacks”.

In a long interview with the sports daily, Caroline Garcia returned in more detail to her difficult relationship with food. “You feel so empty, so sad, that you need to fill yourself up. It was the distress of not being able to do what I wanted on the court, no longer winning and suffering physically, details the Frenchwoman, who had been close to the summits in 2018 (4th in the world) and had fallen back below the 70th place in the world last May. Eating calmed me down for a few minutes. (…) It was an escape. It’s uncontrollable. »

“I had fallen into excess”

“Pretty hard” with herself because she wanted to reflect an image of an athlete fit (“in good physical condition”), the 29-year-old player has gradually learned to make gaps and maintain a better relationship with her body. “I had overdone it. Today is better. I manage to please myself when I feel it. If I want to eat that, I do it knowing I’m doing it. And I see that, the next day, it’s fine. Sometimes you need proof that it’s not going to do anything to your body.” she says, detailing having succumbed several times to the temptation of a slice of pizza.

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Injured in the plantar fascia and away from the courts for two months between the Miami tournaments, at the end of March, and Roland-Garros, at the end of May, Caroline Garcia ended the season in a cannonball with four titles and a return to her best ranking. “This year, everything that happened helped me to understand certain things for myself. Having had difficult passages helps me to enjoy the present moment more”, she concludes.


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