Loïk Le Priol, main suspect, soon extradited, his alleged accomplice indicted

The main suspect in the murder of ex-rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu on Saturday March 19 in Paris will soon be extradited. Loïk Le Priol will be handed over by Hungary to the French authorities “within ten days”announced the Budapest court on Friday, March 25. “In such a case, the procedure provides for a surrender within ten days”, said Judge Judit Csiszar. According to the suspect’s lawyer, Laszlo Beno, the French authorities will probably “intervene quickly” for a discount “in the next twenty-four or forty-eight hours”.

In the afternoon, Romain Bouvier, linked to the far right, was indicted by an investigating judge for murder and placed in pre-trial detention in the Paris prison of Health. He is suspected of having also shot Federico Martin Aramburu and two offenses related to the possession of weapons are charged against him.

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Former member of the GUD

Loïk Le Priol, 27, was arrested on Tuesday evening at the Zahony border post as part of a European arrest warrant, as he was preparing to go to Ukraine. Speaking by videoconference at the hearing, he agreed to be transferred to Paris, noted a journalist from Agence France-Presse.

He appeared calm and cooperative and declined to comment on the matter. He had previously explained to the police that he wanted to join Ukraine ” to fight “. Three knives were seized from his car.

This former soldier and member of the far-right movement GUD is suspected of having fired Saturday, in the center of Paris, on the 42-year-old former Argentinian international, who died on the spot as a result of his injuries.

On Tuesday, a 24-year-old woman, suspected of having driven a vehicle belonging to Loïk Le Priol on the evening of the events, was indicted for “complicity in murder” and placed in pre-trial detention.

Loïk Le Priol is known for his radicalism and violence. His anchorage to the ultra-right earned him an “S” file by the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), said sources familiar with the matter. The “S” form is one of the categories of the file of wanted persons, which does not only concern terrorism.

The main suspect must already appear, like Romain Bouvier, in court in June for “aggravated violence” against a member of the GUD, whom they are suspected of having beaten and humiliated with three other members of the movement. ultra-right. The two men were forbidden to come into contact.

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