Did Greg sleep with Mrs Brady?

Rumors of an affair between Greg and Carol

But to hear them tell it, the attraction was quite one-sided and nothing ever came of it. “When those little things called hormones start kicking in, you get excited by even inanimate objects,” Williams wrote in his memoir, Growing Up Brady.

Then, Did Marcia and Greg date? But in her new memoir, “Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice,” the actress writes of her romance with TV sibling Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady, dates with Michael Jackson and Steve Martin, her addictions, depression, and trading sex for drugs.

Did Marcia Brady flash the crew?

Likewise What was the uncomfortable scene that ended The Brady Bunch?

Which Brady Bunch kid had a drug problem? The dark side of The Brady Bunch: Former child star Susan Olsen reveals her drug dealing past and hook-ups with co-stars. Susan Olsen is known for starring on family-friendly sitcom The Brady Bunch. However, in a recent interview with News.com.au, the 53-year-old opened up about the darker history of the popular series …

Did any of The Brady Bunch hook up?

Real hookups did take place on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Most people are aware that McCormick and Williams — just two years apart in age and the oldest of the child actors on set — had a romance.

Did Jan and Marcia get along?

But another source said the feud goes back to the days when Jan’s character would whine, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” each time her TV sister scored a date or made the cheerleading squad. “But really the problems between them go back decades,” said the source who knows them. “They’ve never liked each other.

Did the cast of The Brady Bunch get along?

The big cast of The Brady Bunch didn’t always get along. Susan Olsen, who played Cindy, talked about getting stuck in the middle when two co-stars argued. She also commented on their falling out years after the show ended.

Did Alice marry Sam the butcher?

Alice dated Sam Franklin (Allan Melvin), who ran the local butcher shop, and eventually became engaged and married. Alice and Sam have won awards in Charleston dancing and bowling.


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