What is Morbium shadow root?

Morbium is a spice that affects amplification. Once a Morbium Seed is fully grown into Morbium Shadowroot, it can make any recipe in The cookbook a thousand times more powerful. Before the series began, in 1868, Morbium was everywhere still, so Chuck Peizer used Morbium Shadowroot to cook Immortality Mulberry Pie..

What does Cedronian vanilla do?

Cedronian is a spice family that controls balance (e.g. when you want something, you have to give away something).

What does Galifrazian do in Just Add Magic?

Enables the consumer to find secrets/codes and solve riddles. At the same time, it allows them to jumble their words. Opposite function as Pick it Up Pancakes.

How old is Kelly in Just Add Magic?

Kelly is 17, and Buddy is 12.

Who is Rose in Just Add Magic?

Rose Peizer is a character in Season 2 of Just Add Magic. She is Chuck’s sister and a former protector of the Cookbook.

Is Queen of the night poisonous?

Queen of the Night Cacti are classified as non-poisonous. If large quantities of the plant are eaten, vomiting, nausea and a loss of appetite could occur.

What is night gladiolus?

Gladiolus tristis, or the night gladiolus, is a pale yellow or striped dark yellow and green flower that opens in the evening, exuding a spicy scent. These beauties grow three to four feet tall, with blooms first appearing in the late spring or early summer months.

What plant smells at night?

Wisteria. Many wisterias are scented, but Wisteria floribunda cultivars are said to have the strongest scent at night.

Who cursed Becky Just Add Magic? One day, Becky tried to erase the book. She cooked something in a large pot and started ripping out pages from the book and dropping them in the pot, where they burned and dissolved. Becky had only gotten through three pages until the book fought back. A mist arose from the mixture in the pot and it cursed Becky.

What does Kalimba do in Just Add Magic?

Kalimba is a spice family that affects the elements. In this family there are: Cane Sugar. Cayenne.

What is night blooming fennel?

Night Blooming is a magic spice that commonly affects attraction and repulsion, so it is used in recipes like Lost and Found-ue, BFF PBJ, Magnetic Mango Bars, Give Up What You Want Gumdrops, and Sourd’Au.

How do you make just add magic ingredients?

Is Saffron falls in California?

Saffron Falls is the hometown of Kelly and the girls. It is a suburban city located in California.

Is Lavender Heights a real place?

Lavender Heights, Sacramento’s gay and lesbian district, is centrally located on K Street and 20th Street. The area owes its name to the high number of gay-owned homes and businesses residing there. Lavender Heights is a name given to the hub of Sacramento’s gay and lesbian community with many gay bars and restaurants.

How old is Hannah in Just Add Magic? First Season. When Hannah was 12 years old, she, along with Kelly and Darbie, came across a mysterious cookbook in Kelly’s attic. The trio decided to cook a few recipes from this book and noticed that these recipes were magical. The girls later learned that they are the protectors of the cookbook.

How did Chuck’s immortality spell break? Becky invited Chuck onto a Ferris wheel and gave him the apple, but Chuck’s current immorality spell he was under was so powerful, it countered with the caramel apple’s magic, causing the spell to backfire and instead make him disappear into thin air.

Is Kelly evil in Just Add Magic?

There are several signs that show that Kelly was poisoned and turned evil in Season 3 and wanted to keep the cookbook permanently. In Just Add Time Travel, during the Bad Future where Ms. Silvers took over, Ida said Ms. Silvers got poisoned and turned evil, when she was trying to rescue Becky from the cookbook.

Why is Mama P evil?

Mama P is an incredibly complex woman. On one hand, she’s very deceptive and manipulative as she was able to trick Kelly, Darbie, Hannah, and even Jake into thinking she was a kind-hearted and wanted to support them into breaking Becky’s curse. In reality, she is selfish and nearly all her goals are self-centered.

Is Mama P good?

Mama P is a very deceptive woman, tricking Kelly, Darbie and Hannah, and even Jake into thinking she was a kind-hearted woman. In reality, she is selfish and almost all her goals are self-centered.

Who is Trudith winters?

Trudith Winters is a supporting character in Just Add Magic. She is Darbie’s, Kelly’s, Amy’s, Hannah’s and Hailey’s favorite author. She is the best-selling writer of the Doomed series.

How do you make mind peering peppermints from Just Add Magic?


  1. 2 cups sugar.
  2. 1 cup corn syrup.
  3. 1 teaspoon Galifrazian syrup.
  4. 1 teaspoon Livonian peppermint oil.

Why did Kelly turn evil?

It turns out that Kelly is actually the Night Bandit and she was poisoned by the spell that brought back the garden in the previous season, Come Back Kombucha Tea. In the final episode, the spell on her is broken, but the girls needed to save Grandma Becky after she disappears.

Who cursed Becky Just Add Magic?

Silvers, and Grandma Becky. Among all this, Kelly has one main goal: to find the magical recipe that will fix her grandmother’s mysterious illness. As the girls work together, they find out that Kelly’s grandma Becky is under a curse, and so is Mama P. (whose curse does not let her leave Saffron Falls ) and Ms.

Who is the villain in Just Add Magic season 3? Erin Chua-Sellitti is a recurring character in Season 3 of Just Add Magic. In the beginning, she is shown to be the antagonist of the season.


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