How much sugar is in a Dutch Bros Annihilator?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 328 (1370 kJ)
Total Carbohydrate 49.8 g 17%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 50.1 g
Protein 8.6 g


What’s in the Dutch Bros Annihilator?

The Annihilator® breve perfectly blends strong espresso, half and half and chocolate macadamia nut syrup to satisfy your cravings. Available hot, iced or blended!

What ingredients go in a large iced sugar free Annihilator?

Iced Kickers and Annihilators receive one flat scoop of flavor when the milk changes. What ingredients go in a Large Iced Sugar Free Annihilator?

  • scoop of White Chocolate, 2 shots, Steamed Nonfat Milk.
  • scoops SF White Chocolate, 4 shots, Steamed Kick Me Mix.

Is Dutch Bros Annihilator sweet?

It is sweet and amazing and doesn’t melt too much into the coffee, so you can really enjoy it sip by sip.

How many shots are in an Annihilator?

It holds a total of 18 shots, and can kill a zombie with a single headshot up to round 24, or 33 with Double Tap Root Beer. Shooting a zombie with the Annihilator in The Giant will disintegrate the the Zombie (unless Insta-Kill is active).

Is Dutch Bros Annihilator vegan?

As a general rule, the best vegan drinks at Dutch Bros include the Double Rainbow Tea, Rebels such as Passion Water and Sweet Sunrise, Cold Brews with Irish Cream and Hazelnut or simply with Oat Milk, the Annihilator, their Private Reserve, Smoothies such as Green Apple, the Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze and the Bob

What is in a white Annihilator?

What is in it? It’s a breve with two scoops of flavor; White Chocolate and Chocolate Macadamia Nut!

How much is a small iced Annihilator at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros Prices 2022

Food Size Price
Annihilator Small $3.00
Annihilator Medium $3.50
Annihilator Large $4.50
Caramelizer Small $3.00

What is a 911 at Dutch Bros? The 9-1-1 packs six shots of espresso, half and half and Irish cream syrup into one strong, energy-packed drink! Ready for you to enjoy hot, iced, or blended!

How many carbs are in an Annihilator?

Dutch Classics Annihilator Blended (1 small) contains 57g total carbs, 57g net carbs, 13g fat, 9g protein, and 379 calories.

How many shots are in a Dutch Bros Annihilator?


Term Dutch Latte Definition 2% + espresso small (dbl shot): 3.75 med (dbl shot): 4.25 large (quad shot): 5.25
Term Annihilator Definition Kick Me mix, espresso, choc. mac small (dbl shot): 3.75 med (dbl shot): 4.25 large (quad shot): 5.25

• Jul 13, 2013

What milk goes in an Annihilator?

You can order it with any type of milk, including oatmilk, and it’ll make it a little less creamy and a bit more coffee-y.

How many calories in a Dutch Bros Annihilator cold brew?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 180 (753 kJ)
Cholesterol 30 mg 10%
Sodium 190 mg 8%
Total Carbohydrate 23 g 8%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%

How many calories are in a sugar Free Golden Eagle from Dutch Bros?

Let’s check out the nutritional facts: Small: 410 calories.

Does Dutch Bros have sugar free rebel? Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink – An energy drink created by Dutch Bros, customized by you. Also available in sugar free!

What is a dirty girl at Dutch Bros? If they don’t know what it is, ask for a Rebel with blackberry and almond. Dirty White Girl: The same drink as above but with white chocolate added as well. Double Rainbro: Strawberry, peach, and coconut all infused into a Rebel. Sounds good, eh bro.

Does Dutch Bros sugar free syrups have calories?

Calorie Burn Time

How long would it take to burn off 0 Calories of Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Syrup? Based on a 35 year old female who is 5’7″ tall and weighs 144 lbs.

Whats the healthiest thing from Dutch Bros?

The best low calorie drinks at Dutch Bros are:

  • Plain Americano (10 calories)
  • Peach Tea (100 calories)
  • Passion Fruit Tea (160 calories)
  • Tropical Tea (170 calories)
  • Double Rainbro Tea (180 calories)
  • Nitro Infused Cold Brew Kicker (170 calories)
  • Toasted White Mocha Cold Brew (180 calories)

How many calories are in a sugar free Dutch Bros Coffee?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 262 (1095 kJ)
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 11 g
Protein 10.2 g
Alcohol 0 g

How many calories are in a sugar free Dutch Bros?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 362 (1513 kJ)
Cholesterol 135 mg 45%
Sodium 163 mg 7%
Total Carbohydrate 18 g 6%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%

How many scoops of flavor go into an iced nonfat Annihilator?

When a customer orders a skinny Annihilator or Kicker (NOT 911), how many scoops does it get and why? 1 flat scoop of flavor, because less milk will make the flavor come out more, making it too sweet.

How do you make the Annihilator at Dutch Bros?

How many shots of espresso are in a Dutch Bros Annihilator?

In this regard, how many shots are in a Dutch Bros Annihilator? All Espresso Based Coffee We found it interesting that Dutch Bros. uses a double shot of espresso in both 12 and 16 fluid ounce drinks, but then they double that in a 20 fluid ounce drink, which contains 2 double shots.

How many calories are in a large Dutch brothers Annihilator? Nutrition Facts

Calories 630 (2636 kJ)
Cholesterol 230 mg 77%
Sodium 240 mg 10%
Total Carbohydrate 36 g 12%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%


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