How do I sweeten my coffee on Whole30?

Enhance your coffee naturally with the tastes of cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate by adding a crushed cinnamon stick , part of a whole vanilla bean or chocolate in the form of roasted cocoa beans like Choffy to the grounds in the brew basket..

Can I have an almond milk latte on Whole30?

Whole30 Latte. This Whole30 Almond Milk Latte is paleo, dairy-free and comes with no added sweetener. Delicious and the perfect healthy breakfast drink for your next Whole30.

Is coconut milk Whole30 approved?

As long as the ingredients in your coconut milk are compliant, then that coconut milk is Whole30 compliant.

Is Chipotle Whole30 approved?

As of January 2019, Chipotle chicken is Whole30 compliant because it has been updated to be cooked in sunflower oil (which is compliant) rather than non-compliant rice bran oil.

Are pickles Whole30 compliant?

Yes, you sure can! In essence, pickles are simply composed of cucumber and vinegar. Cucumbers are a veggie and vinegar is all good on Whole30 (well – most forms of vinegar are anyway). It’s not too hard to find compliant pickles for Whole30.

Is carnitas Whole30 compliant?

It’s well-known that Carnitas (AKA Pulled Pork) are your only Whole30 compliant protein choice, unless you’re one of the lucky few whose Chipotle offers Chorizo (yum). There are also a number of salsas and veggies you can top your meat with as well.

Is Salsa Whole30?

While salsa is typically associated with tortilla chips, nachos, and other not-so-Whole30-friendly snacks, there is no reason salsa itself should be left out of your Whole30! Typically comprised of ingredients like tomatoes, onions, various peppers, herbs and spices, salsa is definitely allowed on Whole30.

Is Buffalo sauce Whole30 approved?

In less than 10 minutes, you can make delicious, flavor-forward buffalo sauce that is also Whole30-friendly, Paleo, and gluten-free. Use it in recipes calling for buffalo sauce or to top shredded chicken, eggs, or roasted veggies. This post may contain affiliate links.

Is Sriracha Whole30 approved? flavors — Sriracha, Serrano, Ghost Pepper and the cult–classic, Habanero — are now Whole30 Approved!

Is Dunkin Donuts coconut milk Whole30?

You’re welcome. You can drink it black, add unsweetened compliant nutpods, coconut milk, almond milk, or add cinnamon or vanilla beans to the brew. But remember, Whole30 guidelines exclude milk, cream, non-compliant milk substitutes, and added sweeteners—including stevia (more on that below).

Is LaCroix Whole30 approved?

Luckily, if you’re a LaCroix Loyalist, you will not be denied, as LaCroix is an approved Whole30 beverage. Staying organized and maintaining a specific dietary regimen will make your life much easier by keeping you focused and on-track.

Is diet Coke Whole30 compliant?

What Can You Drink on Whole30? Many foods and drinks are out on Whole30. You can’t have any sugar (except what is in fruits and vegetables), artificial sweeteners, soy, alcohol or dairy. So forget that big glass of milk, wine, sweet tea, or sodas, regardless if they are diet or not.

Is oat milk Whole30 compliant?

Oat milk is not considered Whole30 compliant and should not be consumed while following this diet. It is not approved because grains are not allowed on the Whole30 diet and, yes – oats are grains.

Is the almond milk at Starbucks Whole30 compliant?

Is the almond milk at Starbucks Whole30 approved? No, the almond milk at Starbucks is not Whole30 friendly because it contains sugar and other additives. Instead, bring your own Whole30 compliant almond milk!

Can I have seltzer on Whole30? Whole30 Sparkling Water + Flavored Water

Sparkling water has exploded over the last few years! There are so many flavors and brands and most of them are Whole30 compliant. If you are a fan of carbonation (like me), sparkling water is a delicious thirst quencher.

Can you have a cheat day on Whole30? It’s clear right in the Whole30 program rules: No slips, no cheats, no special occasions. The program requires 30 straight days of 100% compliance, otherwise, it’s back to Day 1 for you.

Can you have bulletproof coffee on Whole30?

As Bulletproof coffee is made with ghee (which is Whole30-approved), it is also a great bet on both diets. However, take note that the Bulletproof Diet allows only high-quality tea and coffee, to reduce exposure to mold toxins.

Is coconut sugar Whole30 compliant?

On Whole30, adherents must cut out all sweeteners including maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, date syrup, monk fruit extract, and stevia. However, dieters are permitted to use fruit juice as a sweetener.

Why is ghee OK on Whole30?

While the Whole30 program rules don’t allow dairy, ghee is allowed because when made properly, the lactose is removed from the butter making it as close to dairy free as possible. You can purchase ghee in many stores or add it to your next Thrive Market order, but it’s very easy to make your own from scratch.

Is popcorn Whole30 compliant?

Can you eat popcorn on Whole30? No — popcorn is made from a whole grain (dried corn), and grains are eliminated on the Whole30 diet.

Is Trader Joe’s ghee Whole30 compliant?

Clarified Butter (Ghee)

Trader Joe’s ghee is a fantastic Whole30-compliant stand-in for regular butter. Cook with it, add a dollop to a baked potato, or toss roasted vegetables in it.

Is hummus allowed on Whole30?

Whole30 bans legumes like chickpeas. Still, you can whip up a tasty chickpea-free hummus using avocados, cooked cauliflower, and a few other healthy ingredients.

Can you have popcorn on Whole30?

Can you eat popcorn on Whole30? No — popcorn is made from a whole grain (dried corn), and grains are eliminated on the Whole30 diet.

Is barbacoa Whole30 compliant? Simmered in citrus juices and the perfect blend of spices, this smoky and tender shredded beef barbacoa is the ultimate barbacoa recipe! Use it for tacos, bowls, enchiladas or any kind of dish. It’s made with clean ingredients so it’s Keto and Whole30 too!


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