Who was poor in BTS?

Suga, for example, was born into a poor family. During their comeback special in 2017, he said that when he was first starting out during his high school days, he often had to choose between eating and transport. When he bought a US$2 bowl of noodles, he would then have to walk home.

Which BTS member has the darkest past? BTS – 방탄소년단 WHO’ IN BTS MEMBER HAS THE DARKEST PAST? i believed that every bts member had a darkest past but in my opinion, i think yoongi, taehyung and namjoon have the darkest past. yoongi came from a very poor family, his father’s job wasn’t enough to pay the bills so he and his brother had to take a part-time job.

Who is the 8th member of BTS? Yeontan is beloved by BTS and ARMY

In some of the photos, V held his dog, Yeontan. For BTS fans, this was all the confirmation they needed to officially name Yeontan as the eighth member of BTS.

then What happened to Taehyung? BTS’ V suffered an injury in his calf muscles during rehearsals, a day before the show. Following this, he was advised by the doctors to refrain from vigorous movements. “V experienced pain in his calf muscles during rehearsal on the evening of October 23, and visited a nearby hospital for examination and treatment.

Which BTS member is most popular India?

Taehyung is perhaps the most popular BTS member in India, whereas Jimin has been the most popular BTS member in Korea.

Which BTS member is adopted? BTS member Jin’s fans are celebrating 10,500 days with him and hence have adopted an endangered wolf on his behalf. They have also made donations to the Species Survival Program for Red Wolves.

Who in BTS has siblings? V, Jimin and RM with their siblings:

V, Jimin and RM do not seem to be big fans of exposing their siblings to the public. There are no confirmed pictures of V with his siblings even though it is known that he is the oldest of the three. He has a brother and sister named Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin.

Who got kicked out of BTS? During BTS’ comeback showcase to promote Love Yourself: Her, a special video showed the BTS members sharing their stories of how they joined BTS. Jimin revealed he was almost kicked off the team over 8 times, because several people in the agency didn’t think he would do well in BTS.

Who expired in BTS?

Kim Jong-hyun
Died December 18, 2017 (aged 27) Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district, Seoul
Cause of death Suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning
Occupation Singer-songwriter radio host author
Musical career

Can a girl join in BTS? BigHits does not accept females, thus girls cannot join any of its bands, particularly BTS, considering BTS is a seven-year-old band, so adding a new member now would be irrational, but girls may join other South Korean bands.

Can you hug BTS?

What other rules does BTS have to follow? Unfortunately, you’ll rarely see a Korean Idol hugging or getting too close to fans. … “Taking pictures with fans can cause jealousy among many other fans and international fans.

Where is Kim Taehyung house? Easy! He lives on 234 UrAStalker street in the city CalmTheFDown, South Korea.

What happened to Taehyung in permission to dance on stage?

BTS’s concert titled Permission To Dance On Stage was held at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul, South Korea. V couldn’t dance as he had developed pain in his calves the previous day.

Does BTS love India?

BTS hasn’t visited India yet but they enjoy a huge fanbase here. New Delhi: BTS enjoys massive popularity in India. The members of Indian BTS ARMY have repeatedly expressed their love for the K-pop septet. … He also responded to an Indian fan who had expressed a desire to hold the singer’s hand.

What does BTS think about India? In an interview with a leading news channel in India, BTS members (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook) wished their Indians fans with traditional ‘namaste‘. Not just this, but they also have a very heart-warming message to share for the Indian ARMY.

Did BTS ever visit India? BTS boys enjoy a massive fan following in India but have never visited the country. … Mumbai: BTS boys – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook enjoy a massive fan following in India, but have never visited the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Who wanted to leave BTS?

J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, came close to breaking point and decided to leave the company Big Hit, but was persuaded by a tearful Jungkook who begged him not to go. Who can imagine BTS without their ‘sunshine’ J-Hope?

Who died in BTS?

Kim Jong-hyun
Died December 18, 2017 (aged 27) Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district, Seoul
Cause of death Suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning
Occupation Singer-songwriter radio host author
Musical career

Do BTS have parents?

His parents were farmers and they worked hard to comply at home. He grew up most of the time with his grandmother and was always proud of the tenacity of his family.

Does V have a sister? V, whose real name is Kim Tae Hyung, is the oldest among his siblings. He has a younger brother, Kim Jeon Gyu, and younger sister, Kim Eun Jun.

Who can paint in BTS?

Jungkook is talented at picking up pretty much any skill he sets his mind to, including painting. For one interview, the BTS member revealed that he learned how to paint from watching YouTube. Here’s what we know about the “Golden Maknae” of this boy band.

Who is most close to V in BTS? Best friends and soulmates – BTS’ V and Jimin are bromance goals! Jimin and V are both 95 liners and became friends when they first joined BTS. Though they are of the same age, Jimin treats V like a younger brother and dotes on him, while V looks after Jimin silently.

Who is most close to V?

Best BTS friends: V and Jimin

BTS’ Taehyung and Jimin are considered two of the closest friend in the BTS band. Taehyung (V) often considers Jimin as his best friend off-camera as well. Even during the Bon Voyage Season 2, Episode 8, which was shot in Hawaii, V wrote a letter to Jimin calling him as his best friend.

Is V left handed? V of BTS is, technically, left-handed, although some fans say he is ambidextrous. If you watch performances carefully, some fans learned that the singer and dancer of the group, V is a proud lefty. However, some fans reportedly saw V writing and throwing things with his right hand, making this member ambidextrous.

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