Is Piyush and arshiya still together?

Piyush has time and again maintained that he is not in touch with Arshiya or Aahna. Recently, he also announced his break-up with co-contestant Arshiya Arshi. Well, now the model turned actor has finally found love in his DJ friend Khushi.

Is Piyush in splitsvilla 13? Piyush Manwani is an actor and model in India. He came into the limelight when he participated in the dating show MTV Splitsvilla 13 as a contestant in 2021. Piyush Manwani’s age is 30 (years old) as of 2021.

What does Piyush Sharma do? Piyush Sharma is an Indian actor and model and known for the television show MTV Splitsvilla.

then Is Piyush Sharma an Iitian? Piyush did have an IIT-B degree going for him but he has bailed on in favour of a career in comedy we guess suicides come in different forms and denominations.

Is shrey Mittal dating priyamvada?

Priyamvada and Shrey always held hands and looked very much in love. However, post the show, the duo broke up.

Is shrey and priyamvada still together? Now, has learnt that the winners of the season Priyamvada Kant and Shrey Mittal have also broken up. According to our sources, there was trouble in their paradise. The duo decided to break-up mutually.

Who is the BF of Priyamvada? Priyamvada Kant was born on 1st January 1990 in New Delhi, India. She comes from an artist’s family. There is not much information available about the Priyamvada Kant family. Priyamvada Kant Boyfriend’s name is Shrey Mittal, Priyamvada was last seen dating Shrey Mittal on the sets of Splitsvilla 12.

Why did Alfez leave Splitsvilla? Next Day in the Villa, Alfez has to leave the show due to an emergency in his family. Aradhna and other contestants are sad because of this.

Which Splitsvilla couple are still together?

07/7Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze

Popular TV personality Prince Narula, who is now happily married to the love of his life Yuvika Chaudhary, was also a part of Splitsvilla once. He bonded well with Anuki Tchokhonelidze and they were proclaimed as the winners of their season too.

Did Splitsvilla couple got married? Popular TV personality Prince Narula, who is now happily married to the love of his life Yuvika Chaudhary, was also a part of Splitsvilla once. He bonded well with Anuki Tchokhonelidze and they were proclaimed as the winners of their season too.

Who is priyamvada dating?

Priyamvada is playing quite well in the show. She has found her partner in contestant Shrey Mittal. The duo looks cute and much in love.

Who is aradhna Sharma? Aradhana Sharma is an Indian actress and model. She has played the role of important roles in television shows such as Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Hero Gayab Mode On and Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga. She is well known personality in the television industry.

Are Alfez and aradhna still together?

Alfez and Aradhana recently broke up after dating each other for almost a year. In a candid chat with, Alfez, for the first time opened up about his break-up with Aradhana.

Who got dumped in splitsvilla?

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination – Dumping Zone

Sr No. Name Status
1 Samruddhi Jadhav Eliminated Eliminated ( 18th September 2021 )
2 Riya Kishanchandni Eliminated ( 29th May 2021 )
3 Nikita Bhamidipati Eliminated ( 11th September 2021 )
4 Pallak Yadav 1st Runner-up

• Oct 17, 2021

Are Anushka Mitra and Kevin still together? Even during the first few episodes of Roadies, Kevin was spotted with Anushka in LIVE sessions. However, looks like things between the two have gone out of hands and they’ve called it quits. Anushka recently in a Question and Answer session on Instagram announced that they broke up.

Why did Kat and Kevin breakup? A few weeks ago, Kevin had confirmed that he and Kat were not in a relationship but are really good friends. Recently, Kat has been getting a lot of messages where she is being accused of cheating on Kevin, and that’s the reason why the relationship broke.

Who won splitsvilla 13?

Aditi Rajput and Jay Dudhane are the winners of Splitsvilla 13. Aditi Rajput and Jay Dudhane emerged as the winners of Splitsvilla 13. MTV Splitsvilla 13 grand finale was aired tonight (October 2), where Aditi and Jay lifted the winning trophy. The two were pitted against Pallak Yadav and Shivam Sharma.

Are Shruti and Rohan still together? Shruti dated Rohan Hingorani. They started off as friends in Roadies and confessed their feelings in Splistvilla 11. However, later, they parted ways. Both have moved on and are in a happy space.

Who is Kat Kristian?

Kat Kristian is an Indian model and actress who rose to fame after participating in the modelling reality TV show “MTV India’s Next Top Model- Season 4” (2018).

Why did Varun and Martina split up? It was her decision.” He also had a video chat with his fans in which he seemed rather sad and heartbroken post splitting from his girlfriend. Varun also said that their relationship was not for the show and if it was just for the sake of the show, he would not have git hurt post the breakup.

What is Priyamvada Kant doing now?

Kant is currently running a dance academy called Dancamaze. Priyamvada Kant won MTV Splitsvilla Season 12 along with Shrey Mittal. She played Namrata in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala on StarPlus. She now joined Star Bharat’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe, and is playing the role of Priya.

Who was the winner of splitsvilla 12? Splitsvilla

Season Host(s) Winners
11 Sunny leone and Ranvijay Singh Gaurav Alugh
12 Shrey MITAL
13 Jay Dudhane

What is the role of Aradhana Sharma in Aladdin?

Last seen in ‘Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga’, Aradhana Sharma plays the role of Deepti, the detective.

Who is Alfez Khaishagi? Alfez Khaishagi is an Indian-origin NRI model. He live in Dubai. Alfez has done modeling work for several popular brands. He became famous with television show MTV Splitsvilla.

Who are the contestants of splitsvilla 13?

Splitsvilla 13 Contestants List – Boys

Sr No. Name Hometown
1 Kevin Almasifar Pune, India
2 Vyomesh Koul Delhi, India
3 Jay Dudhane Mumbai, India
4 Samarthya Gupta Jammu, India

• Oct 17, 2021

Who is the GF of Alfez Khaishagi? Alfez Khaishagi Wife and Girlfriend

Alfez Khaishagi is unmarried but he is currently dating the Splitsvilla Season 12 contestant Aradhana Sharma.

What happened between Piyush and arshiya?

Talking about his break-up with Arshiya, Piyush added, “We are two mature individuals. We dated for a few months, and when things weren’t working out, we decided to part ways mutually. It is as simple as that. One thing which is quite weird is people blaming me for the break-up.

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