Is Kim Namjoon in a relationship?

Who Has RM From BTS Dated? Despite being the leader of BTS (or, perhaps, because he’s the leader of the group), RM (born Kim Namjoon) has never been publicly linked to anyone romantically.

Does Namjoon have a wife?

He’s NOT married. He’s in a relationship. In Korea if you’re in an exclusive relationship you wear a couples ring. It’s worn to let everyone know he’s taken.

then Who BTS have girlfriends?

In terms of actual girlfriends, Jungkook is currently single but has previously been rumoured to date K-pop stars Jeong Ye In of the group ‘Lovelyz’, Jung Chae Yeon from ‘DIA’ as well as a 2015 rumour that he dated CUBE trainee Ko So-hyun.

Does RM have a child? No, Kim Namjoon (김 남준) of BTS does not have a child. After seeing Namjoon bought a pair of baby shoes, fans joked around saying he probably has a secret child.

Who is RM crush?

Who is RM’s celebrity crush? Thanks to one interview with E! News fans learned which celebrity is RM’s crush. He said it was Blake Lively, the actor best known for her appearance in the series Gossip Girl. (Unfortunately for RM, she is already married to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.)

Who has a child in BTS? The dancer of the band proved that he would be a good father to his children. Jimin got excited at the idea of having a baby.

Who is married in BTS Group? But according to the members of the BTS band, the blurred truth is that they all are single and unmarried. They all have a few link-ups but are not married. The boy band enjoys a huge female fan base all over the world as mentioned above, one such super fan got married to one of the cardboard of BTS’ Jimin.

Which BTS member has the darkest past? BTS – 방탄소년단 WHO’ IN BTS MEMBER HAS THE DARKEST PAST? i believed that every bts member had a darkest past but in my opinion, i think yoongi, taehyung and namjoon have the darkest past. yoongi came from a very poor family, his father’s job wasn’t enough to pay the bills so he and his brother had to take a part-time job.

Who is V crush in BTS?

When BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung REVEALED his celebrity crush was Emily in Paris star Lily Collins. One of BTS member V’s all-time favourite movies is the Lily Collins starrer Love, Rosie.

Who has a crush on V? 08/8V. Like Jimin, V also has a crush on Rachel McAdams. Apart from that he is also a fan of Lily Collins, who stars in the movie “Shadowhunters” and “Love Rosie”.

Does RM have a tattoo?

Right now, RM doesn’t have any tattoos. … The members of BTS go all out with their beauty and fashion looks, but one thing this K-pop group doesn’t do a lot of is tattoos. The boy band has seven members, but only two of them are tatted.

Who wanted to leave BTS? J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, came close to breaking point and decided to leave the company Big Hit, but was persuaded by a tearful Jungkook who begged him not to go.

What do BTS first notice in a girl?

He is an extroverted person, thus a female who is confident in herself appeals to him the most. At first sight, a female who is happy with her appearance and expresses her self-assurance will pique his curiosity. Suga would probably notice if a female is as relaxed as he is.

Which BTS member is adopted?

BTS member Jin’s fans are celebrating 10,500 days with him and hence have adopted an endangered wolf on his behalf. They have also made donations to the Species Survival Program for Red Wolves.

Who in BTS has a black card? BTS’ Jin and Jungkook

The total bill clocked in at around US$730, according to Kpopstarz and Jin paid for it all with his Hyundai black card. The youngest BTS member was also spotted by fans trying to buy snacks from a vending machine. His payment was rejected …

Which BTS member is most popular India? Taehyung is perhaps the most popular BTS member in India, whereas Jimin has been the most popular BTS member in Korea.

Who is GF of Kim Taehyung?

Twitter started speculating dating rumours between BTS’ V also known as Kim Tae Hyung and actress Kim Yoo-Jung. The rumours escalated quickly after V shared stories of him on a subway, on the same day Kim Yoo-Jung shared a picture of her taking the subway.

Who is V new crush? BTS: Kim Taehyung’s ‘CRUSH’ Lily Collins thrilled as the Christmas Tree singer sends hearts to Emily In Paris; Ashley Park left speechless.

Who is Jhope crush?

During an interview, when J-Hope was asked about his celebrity crush, he said it’s Amanda Seyfried, a prominent character from ‘Mean Girls’.

Does IU have crush on RM? But before the song became a fan favourite, Eight had already found an admirer in BTS leader RM. … IU recently watched the live and reacted to the Rap Monster’s statement. “He gave me such a big compliment,” she said, addressing his statement, as reported by Soompi.

Does Jhope have pierced ears?

J-Hope has zero piercings, as of December 2019. It may come as a surprise compared to the other members, but the rapper has a good reason for his piercing-less ears. “I don’t have any plans to get my ears pierced. I’m the only member who hasn’t pierced their ears,” he said on a livestream in May 2018.

Does BTS have plastic? BTS’ resident rapper RM (born Kim Nam-Joon, formerly known as Rap Monster) is the only member of BTS to have publicly admitted to having plastic surgery. However, in a surprising turn of events, RM denies having any plastic surgeries done.

Is Jungkook eyebrow piercing real?

Ever since during the K-pop sensation BTS’ ‘Butter’ promotions, Jungkook appeared with an eyebrow piercing that left fans confused. “Yeah, I got it pierced. … It became a hassle to keep putting the stickers on, so I just got them pierced.

Who died in BTS? None of the BTS members are dead. They are having a healthy life right now, and are very focused on their career. This is just a rumor that you have heard and the beautiful truth is they are all alive. 3.

Who is Yeontan in BTS?

Yeontan was first shown on December 4, 2017, in Jin’s Birthday V LIVE. He is a male dog that used to live with BTS; however, due to their busy schedule, V was not always able to take care of him, so he currently lives with V’s parents. Yeontan is an adorable and small dog and is very close to all the members.

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