Is jangra a lower caste?

Jangra caste definition is (Perhaps the same as Jharia or jungly.) … Jangra caste is one of the many castes subcastes of India.

How do I know my category?

Go to google and search National Commission for Backward Classes website and when you will reach the homepage of the website, you will see name of all the states in India. Now, choose your current and state and check your name of caste and category.

Also Is Khati a low caste?

Khati caste is last name of many people in Indian subcontinent. … Khati caste belongs to one of the above 4 categories.

Is Jangid a OBC? Today, the Jangid are usually known for painting and decorative works such as making seats or chariots for religious figurines. The Government of Rajasthans lists the Jangid as Jangid brahmins in OBC list.

Is jangra a Brahmin caste?

Jangra , Jangid’s or Jangir’s are gaur brahmins originally originated from RISHI ANGIRA who is considered one of SAPTRISHIS. Jangra brahmins are generally found in Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Is OBC general category? Candidates who fall under OBC creamy layer (parents’ annual income more than 8 lakhs) are treated as general category students. They do not have any reservation at the Government institutions. They can compete in general merit.

What is BC B category? 19th Aug, 2018. Dear Aspirant, As you belong to BC-B group of caste then your category is OBC(Other Backward Classes).

What comes under general category? General category refers to the open and unreserved categories while OBC or other backward classes refer to the castes which come under centre list of National commission of backward classes.

Is Shakya lower caste?

Shakya caste is a Kshatriya dynasty of Suryavansha. It is in OBC list in UP, Bihar and MP. But in General category in rest of the Indian states. Very first thing to keep in mind is that “backward does not mean lower and general(forward) does not mean higher”.

Is Prajapati a low caste? Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, Kumhars (Also known as Prajapat) have six sub-groups namely Mathera, Kumavat, Kheteri, Marwara, Timria and Mawalia. In the social hierarchy of Rajasthan, they are placed in the middle of the higher castes and the Harijans.

Is Khati and Khatri same?

Sastri further adds that “even in present day modern-India, a group of martial caste members called Khati (Khatri) exist in North-India“.

Is Saraswat Brahmin OBC? In the state OBC list for reservation in Karnataka, for instance, are several castes of economically backward among brahmins, including Goud Saraswat brahmins. … Other high-ranked categories include Saurashtra brahmins in state OBC lists in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Are Khandelwal OBC?

NEET Result: Nalin Khandelwal of Rajasthan tops ; Delhi boy bags 2nd position. … The result is available on NTA’s official website and also on Among the qualifying candidates, 3,75,635 are from the OBC category, while 99,890 belong to Scheduled Caste and 35,272- Scheduled Tribe category.

Is vishnoi a OBC?

Bishnoi (also known as Vishnoi) is a Hindu community found in the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India.


Classification Sub sect of Vaishnavism and a caste acc to the Indian Constitution
Guru Guru Jambheshwar
Mantra “Bishnu Bishnu Tu Bhaj Re Prani”
Religions Hinduism

How many jangid are there in India? The surname Jangid is most frequently held in India, where it is held by 30,345 people, or 1 in 25,278.

Is Gaur a Brahmin? Gauda, or Gaur or Gaud or Gor or Gour or God is a group of Brahmin communities in India. The Gauda Brahmins are one of the five Pancha Gauda Brahmin communities that lives in the north of the Vindhyas.

Who are Jha?

Jhas are Maithil Brahmins (Brāhamaṇas is the Sanskrit term), a community of highly cohesive, educated, traditional Hindu Brahmins who form part of ancient Vedic Brahmins. … Jha are Brahmins from India. They form the part of Vedic Brahmins.

Is OBC and BC are same? BC stands for Backward classes and OBC stands for other Backward classes. The only difference between the is them lies in terms of position and facilities of Education and jobs.

Which is best OBC or general?

OBC are socially and educationally backward to the General category. So in social terms, in India society General is above/ treated with social respect and acceptance than OBC.

Is Jaiswal A OBC? In 2003, Jaiswal Kalwars were classified and listed as an Other Backward Class by some state governments like Delhi & Uttar Pradesh, although Jaiswal Jain and Rajput still belong to General Category in India’s positive discrimination system.

Is Yadav a low caste?

Classification. The Yadavs are included in the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) category in the Indian states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

What is BCB in caste? The full form of BCB is Backward Caste – B.

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