How will I know if my police verification is clear for passport?

After the Police Verification, you need to check your application status on PSK again. If the status displayed is ‘police has submitted clear report’, then your passport would be printed and dispatched shortly. This is in case your Passport has been granted on Pre Police Verification basis.

Also, How can I check my PCC status? Steps to check application status

  1. Steps to Check Application Status: – Passport Applications – Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  2. Visit Passport Seva Portal
  3. Click “Track Application Status” link.

Why should I pay the police 500 rupees for the verification for a passport? The bribe normally doesn’t exceed `500. People pay bribe to ensure smooth flow of their application. And the reason no one complains is the small amount of money involved and they also do not want to get entangled in the entire process and going to the court.”

Beside above What is SP office for passport? The police report has been submitted by SP Office, and passport printing is in progress. The police report has been submitted by SSP Office, and passport printing is in progress. The police report has been submitted by your respective Police Office and is under processing at Regional Passport Office.

What happens if police verification failed for passport?

If it was rejected due to failure of police verification or improper documentation, etc. you can correct the mistake and apply again after 3 days. If you are at odds with the reason for rejection, or if the reasons are not clear, you can write to the RPO or register a grievance.

How do I find my PCC file number? The Passport file number is located at all times at the Address page or the Last page, at the bottom section.

Can we check PCC online? Check online status of police clearance certificate application with Cyberabad Police. Check status of Police Clearance Certificate application for Cyberabad Police. Person travelling abroad need Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Users can check status of their PCC by entering application number.

What is PCC number? Page 1. POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFIACTE (PCC) Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued to Indian Passport holders in case they have applied for Residential Status, Employment or Long term visa or for immigration. PCC cannot be issued for persons going abroad on Tourist Visa.

Is passport-india online fake?

Some of these fake website are registered in the domain name *.org, *.in, *.com such as,,,,, and many other similar looking websites.

Can you get fake passport? A fake passport is a counterfeit of a passport (or other travel document) issued by a nation or authorised agency. … Such falsified passports can be used to leave a country from which exit is barred, for identity theft, age fabrication, illegal immigration, and organized crime.

What do you do if police ask for bribe?

In case of demand of bribe by any Passport official in respect of any Passport-related service, you may immediately contact the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Ministry at the address mentioned. Please mention your e-mail address, contact telephone, File Reference Number (if available) in your communication.

How do I find my local police station? How to Know Your Nearest Police Station?

  1. Visit the Passport Seva Website.
  2. On the left-hand column, under “Information Corner”, click on Know Your Police Station.
  3. Select your State.
  4. Select your District.
  5. A list of police stations in that district will populate.

Is police verification required for passport?

Police Verification is required on a Post-Passport Issuance basis. Police Verification is required on Pre-Passport Issuance basis.

How long does SP office takes in passport?

The Passport Office will dispatch the passport to you within 3 days after receiving a “Recommendatory” Police Verification Report (PVR) from the concerned police station for normal applications.

Can I apply for passport 2 times? As per existing rules, you can only cancel/reschedule an appointment thrice a year. So, if you cancel a rescheduled appointment you will have to re-apply for a passport and restart the process the next year.

Can police reject passports? If applicants apply for a passport and then shift before the police verification without informing the passport department or the police, the application might get rejected. Criminal history: Applicants with a criminal history or with cases pending against them may face a rejection of passport.

Which address is printed on passport present or permanent?

A: Only the present address will be endorsed on the passport and not the permanent address.

What is file number for Indian PCC? The File number is the Unique Serial number of your Application file that was submitted to a particular passport office or seva kendra. This identifier helps passport authorities veriify your documents whenever needed. NOTE : File Number is not the same as Passport number.

How can I check my PCC status in India?

How to track my passport application status?

  1. Via the website of Passport Seva Portal.
  2. Using the toll-free number 1800 258 1800.
  3. Sending an SMS to ‘STATUS FILE NUMBER’ to 9704 100 100.
  4. Using the mPassport Seva mobile app.

How can I get PCC from passport office? Complete the online application form, pay the fee and schedule an appointment to submit the documents to the nearest PSK. Submit the documents at PSK: You must personally submit your documents. Police verification: Personal presence is mandatory. Collect the PCC from PSK: It may be collected in person.

How long does it take to get PCC from passport office?

Indian police clearance certificate is issued the same day (1 day) on your visit to Indian passport office if there is no need for police verification. If police verification is required, then it may take up-to 1 month. Indian PCC is issued after physical police visit to your address and a positive report.

How can I track my PCC after dispatch? Login to the Passport Services of the Government of India’s official website click here

  1. Login to the Passport Services of the Government of India’s official website click here.
  2. Select passport application status tab. …
  3. This will give you the details about the current status of your passport delivery.

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