Does Matte Babel work for Drake?

Babel works in music.

Babel was on set of Drake’s music video, “Laugh Now Cry Later,” featuring Lil Durk. Babel posted on Instagram behind the scene footage that he captured.

How much is Shay Mitchell’s house? Shay Mitchell Buys $7.2 Million Hidden Hills Home.

Why does Shay Mitchell’s baby not look like her? “Matte is half white — his dad is from Trinidad. And Atlas is a mix of all of us,” Mitchell says. “But she’s very fair-skinned and has light eyes and hair, so she doesn’t look like either of us. We’re learning how to have those appropriate conversations.

then What is Chad to Shay Mitchell? Chad Wood: Friend, Architect & Stylist

He is also famous for his talent as an interior designer, which he demonstrated at Shay Mitchell’s house. For the actress Chad is also her best friend, stylist, florist, painter and even as a cook he helps the brunette. He selected numerous decorative items and furniture for her.

Is Atlas really Matte Babel’s daughter?

Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, announced their daughter Atlas‘ arrival in October 2019 — and the actress has been posting cute pictures with her little one ever since.

Who is Atlas Mitchell’s dad? Shay said it’s something she and her partner, Matte Babel, are conscious about when it comes to raising Atlas. “Matte is half white — his dad is from Trinidad,” Shay explained. “And Atlas is a mix of all of us.

Are any of the PLL cast dating in real life? Nope. “We never officially dated,” Blackburn told Playboy earlier this year. “In navigating our relationship—as co-workers but also as friends—sometimes the lines blurred a little.

How old was Sasha Pieterse in PLL pilot? Sasha Pieterse first played 15-year-old Alison DiLaurentis when she was 13. Reversing the trend of casting adult actors to play younger characters, 13-year-old Sasha Pieterse had the role of 15-year-old Alison DiLaurentis on the show’s pilot.

Who is Baby Atlas?

When he was born, Atlas McHugh was average size at 7lb 14oz. But two months later, he had a rather unexpected growth spurt. Now at 80cm tall, 10-month-old baby Atlas weighs 13kg (just over two stone) and is steadily growing – so much so, he now has to wear two-year-old clothes.

How old is Atlas Shay Mitchell’s daughter? Shay Mitchell took to Instagram today to share an adorable birthday tribute for her only child, Atlas Noa Babel. The Pretty Little Liars star posted a nostalgic birthday tribute for the 2-year-old, whom she shares with boyfriend Matte Babel.

Are Toby and Spencer together in real life?

I hate to break it to all those die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans hoping Spencer and Toby are dating in real life, but it’s not going to happen. First of all, it’s been known for a while now that Troian Bellisario is engaged to Patrick J. Adams, so, yeah, Spoby isn’t a real-life thing.

Why did they replace Jason on Pretty Little Liars? Jason Was Recast In PLL Due To The Demands Of The Role

The larger role meant that the demands were amplified so a recast was deemed necessary. Bagley didn’t have many acting credits to his name when he joined Pretty Little Liars prior to the show’s 2010 debut.

Are Ezra and Aria together in real life?

I know all you Ezra and Aria fans still want these two to be real-life couple, but that’s not happening — at least anytime soon. Not only does Hale have a boyfriend, but Harding has a girlfriend of four years. He confirmed the news to People in March.

Who is the richest pretty little liar?

With a net worth of $14 million, Combs tops the list of richest “Pretty Little Liars” cast members. All net worth figures are according to

How old was aria when she slept with Ezra? This means that while Aria was a child at only 15/16 years of age, Ezra was 22 when they started dating. As for the hook-up being ‘unintended’ and at a bar where it’s presumed Aria was over 21 — that belief is actually broken down when one dark secret comes to light.

Was Sasha Pieterse really 12 in Pretty Little Liars? According to Cosmopolitan UK, actor Sasha Pieterse was just 12 years old when she was cast in “Pretty Little Liars.” The confident performer had several decently sized roles to her name when the show came around, but she allegedly still had to fudge the truth with her age in order to get a foot in the door.

Why did Shay name her baby Atlas?

Mitchell told Vogue that the travel-inspired name actually came from a friend. “A close friend of ours was listing off names for her daughter that she had had a year and a half ago. … “From that day, we knew it was going to be Atlas,” she added, referring to her daughter’s name that doubles as a collection of maps.

Does Sasha Pieterse have a child? Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse is officially a mom! The actor welcomed her first child with husband Hudson Sheaffer on November 6, People reports. Sasha announced their bundle of joy in a sweet Instagram post a week later, introducing their newborn son to the world for the first time.

How old was Sasha Pieterse in PLL Season 1?

1. Sasha Pieterse was 12 years old when she landed the role of Alison DiLaurentis. It’s been alluded to in interviews that she got a little thrifty with her age in order to actually get the part, and by the time the PLL bigwigs realised how old she really was, she’d already shot the pilot. VERY Alison of her.

What is Shay Mitchell baby name? The “Pretty Little Liars” alum, 32, announced the arrival of her first child with boyfriend Matte Babel on Instagram on Oct. 20 following 33 “intense” hours of labor. Mitchell’s journey through pregnancy and life inspired her daughter’s name – Atlas Noa.

Do Ezra and Aria end up together?

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) and Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) get married, which is definitely something that fans wanted to witness. … Aria is having some infertility issues, which was painful for fans to learn, but Ezra is devoted to her and it’s clear that they can work things out and always be there for one another.

Do Hanna and Caleb end up together? Pretty Little Liars fans wanted the ending to Hanna and Caleb’s love story to be positive, and thankfully, by the series finale, they were married and expecting a baby. While this couple did have some problems, this was the only conclusion that viewers wanted.

Is Tyler Blackburn married to Ashley Benson?

Tyler previously opened up about the relationship rumors between him and Ashley back during their PLL days. “We never officially dated,” Tyler told Playboy. “In navigating our relationship—as co-workers but also as friends—sometimes the lines blurred a little.

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